Nikki Bella Responses To Heavy Backlash on Social Media Involving “Dwayne Johnson” After Endorsing Biden-Harris For President!

Recently Nikki Bella, a well-known American Professional wrestler, has posted a post in which she is handling a newly published book named “The Rock: Through the lens: His life, His movies, His world.”

This book is a photography book created by one of her beloved friends named Hiram Garcia.

But how she got slammed on social media for supporting this photography book about Dwayne Johnson. Unfortunately, it’s not about Nikki Bella, not about the author Hiram.

It’s all being slammed about Dwayne The Rock Johnson. 

Many of the Trump supporters misinterpreted her post as an endorsement of the recent US presidential candidate Joe Bidden. A few months back, Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, has publicly announced his support towards the Joe-Harris party. That’s why the public is interpreting this post as in support of Rock by Nikki Bella.

After an intense backlash and disapproval comments on Bella’s recent post, she poured out a strong feeling of hatred.

This WWW wrestler who recently gave birth to her son in July 2020 confessed that it accidentally happened as she never had a single idea about the mob’s misinterpretation of her post. She further stated that how my post takes the face of a political debate is so disturbing as before posting, and she had the only intention was to support her beloved friend Hiram.

For defending her sister, Brie Bella, also stated that they know the efforts in making and publishing your first book as done by the Twin sisters Bella and Brie in 2019. She is considering it as a huge accomplishment for anyone to publish his or her new book. That’s why dignity must be maintained for a new author, despite being slammed by a strong mob due to misinterpretation.

Many of the Americans had taken this endorsement of the Bidden-Harris democratic party by the supporters of Trump. 

This retired WWE wrestler stated this act as disgusting and disturbing one to her. She added it to be a very unforgettable experience to support her friend and their fantastic accomplishment but ends up with such negative political drama.

Further, she stated that she wanted to delete the post at first, but it’s not her way to talk about it.

In the end, this new mother stated that she respected every opinion of her followers, who commented against her as that everyone has individual beliefs, and she is raised to believe.

She concluded that everyone has different opinions, and her account is all about positivity, love, and light. So the people who were negatively commenting by misinterpreting her intentions are also respected in her sight. 

Recently The Rock Johnson comes in the support of Jeo Biden and Kamala Harris in the coming US presidential election.

He stated that they are the best choice to lead America as depicted a post on their Instagram and Twitter handle on Sunday. With the added statement that a process will definitely take courage, strength, kindness, humanity, sympathy and respect. He posted a video of his conversation with Jeo Biden and Kamala Harris. In the same one, he asked how they would attained the country’s respect?

Biden answered in a very pathetic way that American peoples are so strong and tough and they will levelling and run the country along with the people.

Dwayne Johnson endorsement with Jeo party came out to be huge support for his presidential candidate in the coming US election and being opposition to the Trump. This star has a million of followers who might enrolled their minds by the recent opinion of their favourite Rock.

Coming US elections are now becoming a very hot topic of the country which involving so many controversial stuffs.

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