Netflix’s ‘Dream Home Makeover’ Review: A Show That Is Exactly What It Sounds Like. Here Is All Information About It That Shea and Syd McGee Open Up!

Undoubtedly home improvement shows are in trend nowadays. HGTV, HULU, mostly all the streaming services, have their original home improvement shows; why should Netflix stay behind? The latest house flipping show on Netflix, Dream House Makeover, you can make out what the show is about from the title! The six episodes series is available in its entirety on Netflix. You can watch Shea and Syd flipping the houses and giving people their dream houses irrespective of their budget!

Shea And Syd Told Us How It Started!

It all started with social media. Shea began to gain followers after he posted photos of the design projects on Instagram. People encouraged the couple to go deeper into the field, and they decided to sell their house and invest money in their business. They are the founder of Studio McGee now, an interior design company. Shea told us that even their daughters are interested in designing! Following the lead of their parents, kids decorate their rooms themselves. After the couple got featured on Netflix, they had an influx of followers, and now they have almost 1.4 million followers on Instagram. 

Syd And Shea McGee: How Do They Feel?

Shea told us that they could not watch home remodeling shows just to chill anymore. As they are now in the same business, they know what exactly is happening, and they get critical. Earlier, they could turn off their designer brain, but it is almost impossible to do that now. To be clear, they were not complaining; they were more than happy to get this opportunity. They also told us that they were unsure what the couple was getting into when they decided to have their own show on Netflix. You will get to see them as a power couple in the six episodes; they complement each other’s abilities and work together very well. The couple told us that Shea’s power is her undying love for designing; she never runs out of ideas! When Syd was asked, what’s your power? He replied that he does his best to support her and stand by her; that’s sweet.  

They Are Enjoying Their Dream Home!

You cannot think about these interior decorators to not have their own dream house. The couple has been working very hard, and they managed to work on their dream house parallel to other projects. Shea told us that they couldn’t get a deep breath without putting their phones away! Well, after all that, their house was ready just in time! The home was ready in 2020, just before the lockdown, and the family had all the time to spend in their dream house. Despite all the running here and there, the couple told us they were glad to be in their own home with their beautiful daughters.

Make Life Beautiful

It is not just their motto, but it is also the title of their upcoming book. The book will publish later this year, and it will have details on how McGees built their career. Book will also throw the light on Shea’s life-changing decision to quit her job, sell their house, and start the business with the money they got. They said that it might help the people who are looking to set up a career in the same field. What we can make out of it is that you need to take some risks to get something big. Shea said that it doesn’t matter if you have a big bedroom or small, you can always make it look like the way you want it to, and then it will have a positive impact on your mood! 

Our Take On The Show:

There is no doubt that many shows give the same feels and are very similar to the Dream House Makeover. However, there are tons of people that are gonna dig in this show. Home improvement shows are kinda like escape these days, mainly due to COVID-19, as we can watch what we want to happen with us in real life. It’s like me watching tasty food on TV while I eat bland food! The show is getting good reviews, and people are liking it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s doing something new and fun. It is the same old house flipping with tight budgets and obvious comments. 

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