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The Hindu ritual and culture marriage is one of the most important sentiments and rites of passage in their life. In the Hindu wedding tradition, the most common belief is that the wedding isn’t only for the two individuals rather for two this wedding ceremony is going to bring two individuals with their family together. The Hindu wedding is for full of ritual and culture and each of those things shows us symbolic of beauties and sentiments. Brides and grooms propose to married each other and enter them to the grahasthashrama as a married couple. This wedding has three types of parts in the celebrations. Pre wedding, wedding on that day and post wedding.

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Pre wedding- Rituals are starting with panda Kaal Muhurtham wherein the groom and the bride with their family prayer to the god for succeeding of wedding ceremony on before the third or fifth day of wedding and including all preparation like Poojas, family together shopping,etc. Finally Mehndhicelebrating, entertainments and other rituals held the day before of wedding, this two family with the couple meet together with party and have many fun in the full night and happily enjoy their celebration.

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On the day of wedding– The grooms and the Brides are welcoming by two families on the beautiful stage of mandap separately and the couples are looking very gorgeous with garland. A pundit who has selected the day for the wedding based on groom and bride horoscopes, starts the ceremony by conducting prayers and poojas to the god to bless this occasion, with their family member andtheir relative for the couple happy married on the muhurtham time the grooms ties three knots by the yellow thread to the Brides neck and the pundit chants the sloka for the couple in front of fire like

“Mangalyamtantunanena mama jeevanahetuna: kanthebadhnamisubhagetwamjeevasaradasatam”

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“Grooms wish Bride like this sacred threads purpose is for my long life that should be tie around the neck. O maiden of many auspicious attributes while starting with you my life, May you live happily for hundred years”On that time the whole family and the relatives are wish them with full of emotions and blessing by throwing the akshathai (rice with turmeric) to the new couple. Then they will exchange their garland to each other’s and end up with some other formalities in the mandap.In the wedding both of the family and relations exchange their gifts each other and end up with lunch with glorious menu items with rice. After the wedding ceremonies over, the bride leaves with her husband marital home with full of emotions.

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Post wedding-On her marital home bride is welcomed by her new family with the traditional aarti with sweets .In the Evening the reception Party can be take place with full of events and enjoyment in night with heavy dinner with ice-creams .so finally the guest and the friends are meet the newlywed couple and bless them happily and enjoy the celebration. Finally the couples are end up by their santhi muhurtham following with so many rituals while their starting new life happily with full of dreams.


Meaningful of every tradition:

Marriage-Actually Hindu marriage ceremony is based on marriage of surya, the daughter of savita (The sun) to Ashwinikumar as mentioned in the Rig-Veda is one of the oldest Hindu scriptures, written about 1500 BC.

Wedding Day-It’s also called as lucky day while choosing by their family members, astrologist or priest figures out the auspicious day for their wedding.

Colour code-following the date fixed for wedding our Hindu culture create and send out the wedding invitations in red and gold colour which means this combination of colour indicate wealth(Gold) and health(red).

Couples  in the holy fire(Agni)-Act as a light, Knowledge, power and the witness of ceremony and the couple prayed in front of fire for children, Wealth, properties and long healthier life.

Circle the fire for four times-Couples are circle in the fire with bride brother which means after her married life his support is always for them throughout their life journey and the four time rounded which means grooms tell her bride that I am the strength but you are the beauty.Im the purush  and you are my prakriti(wife) and lets live our life peacefully, lovingly and a joyful life of hundred years and bring up our progeny.

Fresh Flowers-It means fresh, beauty and colourful likewise couple starts their new life with beauty and colourful happy life. So that only on that wedding day the mandap, bride and garland all the beauty made by the fresh flower with colourful.

MangalaArathi-In the plate of red colour water with lime, turmeric and chuna by that with ghee for create the fire and around circle the new couple for protect them for bad eye evil and welcoming them.

“Happiness in marriage is a moment by moment choice,

A decision to love, forgive and grow old together”

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