Warner Bros. Reportedly Covets Timothée Chalamet For Batman Beyond HBO Max Series!!

Over the years, we have been hearing rumors about the film ‘Batman Beyond’ is in process. Recently, when Michael Keaton joined The Flash, discussions around the Beyond Project enhanced, and the chance was noticed more likely. According to reports, Warner Bros. has discovered Cape Crusader for Batman Beyond and is none other than ‘Little Women’ actor Timothee Chalamet. Read below to know all about this thrilling update.

But this time, assumptions are robust; Warner Bros. has not forsaken the prospect on the Batman Beyond project; Rather, they are very dedicated to it. Of course, creators are overseeing the production of several Batman films. It also boosted the likelihood that a Batman Beyond film might eventually become an actuality. 

As per sources, Tipster Mikey Sutton has made an important disclosure. Sutton contends that they want Timothée Chalamet to wear the Batsuit and be their Terry McGinnis, aka Batman. It is the actor’s follower and brilliant physique that brought him into the limelight. Besides, he also takes part in other projects of Warner Bros.

In the past, Timothee Chalamet already expressed his desire to do a Batman movie. The studio is considering whether ‘Batman Beyond’ will be a feature film or HBO Max series during this. The possibility of a declaration for a series is relatively vast.

Also, Timothée Chalamet will appear in Dune along with Zendaya. But the highly anticipated movie ‘Dune’ confronted many holdups and may be released in October 2021. 

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