Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media monitoring tools allow you to track and monitor social media channels. It is a general way to determine the volume of sentiment of online conversation about a brand or topic. Here are top 10 Social Media Measuring tools of 2017.

1. Hootsuite

It is a  platform for managing and monitoring social media .It supports multiple social media listing networks like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and more . Hootsuite allows us to manage weekly report and also has a excellent team management facility (delegating tasks, sending private messages). It is very  useful when there’s more than one person handling the social media.

hoosuite social media monitoring tools

2. Social Mention

Social Mention monitors over hundreds of social media sites. Social Mention monitors analyses data in more depth and measures influence with 4 categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion, and Reach. It also displays top keywords, hashtags, and sites. But it doesn’t continuously monitors your terms, If you need an update, you’ll have to start a new search.

3. Addictomatic

Addictomatic focuses on many platforms, including YouTube and Flickr. In Addictomatic results are customizable, if you don’t value a given platform, you can delete its news feed and move to the bottom of the page. And also you can bookmark the page.

4. Klout

Klout social media monitoring tool allows you to adjust your post according to your target audience’s interest and increases for engagement rate. Its score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a higher ranking of the breadth and strength of one’s online social influence.

klout social media monitoring tools

5. TweetReach

TweetReach allows you to check how far your Tweets travel. It shows the actual impact and the implications of social media (Twitter) discussing. TweetReach not only provides a timeline of relevant tweets, but offers rich, impression and activity data.

tweetreach social media monitoring tools

6. Twazzup

It is an another Twitter monitoring tool. Just type your keyword phrase and you can instantly get real time updates of the most popular tweets, users, post and phrases associated with your search phrase.

Twazzup social media monitoring tools


7. IceRocket

IceRocket tool offers Facebook, Twitter and Blog monitoring in 20 languages. You can also find the blog activities by mentioning your brands. It also provides the possibility of finding the latest trending items.

icerocket social media monitoring tools

8. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a great tool for scheduling tweets and monitoring interactions and messages, as well as hashtags and managing multiple accounts.

tweedeck social media monitoring toold

9. Mention

Mention monitors million of source in 42 languages. Mention lets you to track your team actions, share alerts and assign tasks. Mentions provides a 14 day trial and also it can be accessed from mobile app and web based app.

mention social media monitoring tools

10. Simply Measured

Simply Measured can be used to create free individual reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Vine. Simply Measured provides insights such as Facebook Content, Fan Page analysis and Competitors.

 simple measured social media monitoring tools

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