This is Going to Hurt Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Other Update That You Must Know!

It is not daily that we get a series that perfectly explains the highs and lows it takes to be a doctor while still balancing your work and off-work life. It highlights the difficulties Doctors face and the extremities some doctors are pushed in, which usually do not end up well, just like with Ambika Mod.

Created by Adam Kay, the series is a real-life story based on the memoir of the same name, which mirrors the life of Kay while he was still in practice. During his training at the National Health Service, he writes a diary that acts as a reflective journal, but little does he knows that this would someday be a series well-loved by his audience.

This is Going to Hurt Season 2 Release Date: When will it appear?

A second series for This is Going to Hurt is yet to be released, but a rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes is exceptional, and a second season is almost guaranteed. The first season was released on 8th February, 2022, and they love it, is getting on Twitter is quite insane.

This Is Going to Hurt has been renewed for a second season, but neither the BBC nor the series creators have confirmed it. On Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, the season 1 finale episode aired. All in all, it’s possible that the announcement of the renewal will arrive in early April.

Despite several viewers being heartbroken with the death of Ambika Mod, who could not balance the hardships that came with being in the profession, fans can’t wait for a second installment. If BBC one renews the series soon enough, we may get a second season before the year’s end or early next year.

This is Going to Hurt Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

The series is based on Adam Kay’s entries in his diaries while he was still a practicing medic at the National Health Service. If we get a second installment of the non-fiction series, we expect Dr. Shaw and his team to return with the benefits and challenges it takes to be a doctor. Adam continued to work as a doctor; therefore, there is still a lot of material to be used to create another story. Four more years’ worth of his adventures could mean five more seasons, content enough to finally let go of the nicely narrated show. If you have never considered reading the book, it is unlikely for you to know what lies in store for us, but in the meantime, we will have to rely on the show’s creator and the original network updates.

This is Going to Hurt Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

If the thriller show gets renewed for the second season, which it will finger crossed, Ben Whishaw (Fargo) will be back to portray Adam Kay, the dark-humored doctor. We also expect Harriet Walter (The Last Duel), who portrays Veronique, Adams’s mother, to be back as their interesting relationship adds flavor to the show. We also expect Kays team at the hospital to be back, including Kadiff Kirwan (This Way Up) as Julian (Adam’s frenemy), Alex Jennings as Mr. Lockhart, Ashley McGuire as Miss Houghton, and Michele Austin as Tracy. Shruti Ambika Mod took her own life, and the team and fans will miss her.

This is Going to Hurt Trailer: When will it be out?

Don’t you expect a trailer for the second season to be too farfetched, considering that the first season dropped only recently? We will get to see the second series trailer after the show is renewed and filming is in progress, and that is why you should consider watching the first season if you have not. You can always check out other series in the same genre, such as The Good Doctor, The Resident, and Nurses.

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