Top 10 Shocking Secrets about Mahatma Gandhi

I would like to share some unknown and known  facts about Mahatma Gandhi.

gandhi ji

Mahatma Gandhi

1.Mahatma Gandhi, one of the teachers was Irish man. So Mahatma Gandhi speaks English with an Irish accent.

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2.Steve Jobs was a fan of Mahatma Gandhi. The round glass Steve jobs wore was not only similar but it is a tribute.

steve jobs

3.Gandhiji had a set of false teeth, which he carries in his loin cloth usually.


4.As Gandhiji loves his mother tongue Gujarati. He wrote his autobiography in Gujarati. Later, his personal assistant ShriMahadev Desai had translated into English.

5.Most antique of Gandhi including the clothes he wore when he was shot was still preserved in Gandhi Museum, Madurai.

gandhi musem

6.The United States announced October 2 the birthday of Gandhiji as the International day of Ahimsa. This day is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanthi in India.

day of ahimsa

7.He hates photographers and taking photos. But the facts is that he was the only person hugely photographed.


8.Gandhiji Experienced with diet to see how cheaply he could live and remain healthy. He started living with fruits and goat milk and olive oil.


9.Even having so much of power, Gandhiji never likes to travel in a plane. He is a simple person and loves simplicity.

gandhi simplicity

10.The famous US publication Time magazine, Named Gandhiji as the man of the year 1930.


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