Top 10 Longest Beach In The World!

People love to visit the beach to calm their minds in this bustle. Whenever we hear the word beach, we imagine a picture of a clear blue sea, an open sunny sky, a pebbly covered sandy coast, or other water activities. 

For relaxation, people often like to spend their vacation or beach day; some people do activities like water sports, surfboarding, swimming, playing volleyball, and making sandcastles. The most popular types of beaches are sandy beaches and usually exist by the ocean or the sea. Unsurprisingly, these beaches are a favourite destination for sea tourists.

Also, beaches vary in size. They may be very small unknown locations and some extended areas that are kilometres or miles. Typically, hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping stores, etc., are all located around the beaches where most tourists visit. Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is the world’s longest natural sea beach.

Here are some recommendations for your next outing to spend your day on the world’s longest beach:

10. Muizenberg Beach, South Africa

Length12 miles (20 kilometres)
Area15.14 km2
LocationCape Town, South Africa
Beach TypeNatural Sandy Beach 
RankTenth in the world
Number one in South Africa
ActivitiesMuizenberg Catwalk, Muizenberg Surf Shack, Whale watching in False Bay, Cape Radd, etc.
Attractions NearbyFalse Bay Coast Beaches, Silvermine Nature Reserve, Westlake Golf Club, Zandvlei Recreational Park, Penguin Spotting, White Sharks, Cliffs, sightseeing.

Muizenberg beach is one of the world’s longest beaches. It is located in a small beach town in South Africa that is charming, quaint, and filled with remote historical sites

It is located where the banks of the Cape Peninsula rotate eastward on the False Bay coast. The distance from CapeTown to Muizenberg is 20 km.

There are two rows of beach huts along the coastline, known as beach boxes, bathing boxes, beach cabins, or beach houses. Of course, when people refer to Muizenberg, it indicates the colourful huts on the beach.

The beach is slightly longer than twelve miles and is popular among rock climbers who scale the cliffs there. They tend to watch out carefully below because part of the beach, called False Bay coast, is known for its White Shark population. This beach is the safest destination to learn to surf in Cape Town, South Africa.

9. Stockton Beach, Australia

Length20 miles (32 kilometres)
LocationNew South Wales, Australia
Beach TypeNatural Sandy Beach
RankOne of the biggest beaches in the World
Largest beach of New South Wales
ActivitiesFishing, 4WD, Quad biking, Sand Boarding Tours, Horse and Camel Ride, etc.
Attractions NearbyWorimi Conservation Lands, Caravan Park, Camping Sites, Holiday Villas.
Stockton Beach

Stockton beach is only about 20 miles long and is at Hunter River’s north in New South Wales, Australia. It’s the widest long beach from Stockton to Anna Bay. In other words, this bay’s got length and girth.

Visitors must get a Beach Access Permit to visit this beach, available from various areas, such as Lavis Lane’s Metro Service Station, Williamtown. There’s only a 2 km drive from Lavis Lane to the parking area and entrance of Stockton Beach.

The most popular activities for tourists are dune driving. Four-wheel drive(4WD) autos are permitted to drive on this Beach of its hard surface and several fascinating items. For your 4WD, quadbike, motorbike adventures, the sand dunes have two access routes: Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay (dunes are more extensive on this side) and the other is Lavis Lane in Williamtown. But if you are not allowed to drive on the dunes, you are fined.

It’s known for its dunes; in fact, it’s said to have the largest moving dunes in the world. You can ride quads or go sand boarding on the dunes and then hit the water with your surfboard.

8. Long Beach, Washington

Length28 miles (45 kilometres)
Area4.90 km2
LocationPacific County, Washington
Beach TypeNatural Sandy Beach
RankLongest Drivable Beach in the world
Washington’s Widest Beach
ActivitiesBird Watching, Whale Watching, Fishing, Crabbing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, etc.
Attractions NearbyBoardwalk, Beach Access, Discovery Trail, Wildlife Refuge, Parks, Lighthouses, Museums, Historical Sites.
Long Beach

Long beach regularly claims to be the longest beach in the world and/or the United States, but it’s only about twenty-eight miles long, so in reality, it’s five times shorter than the longest beaches in the world. As well, Virginia Beach is the largest beach in the US.

Nevertheless, it is the longest drivable beach on the United States’ West Coast, so it gets to rank even though it boasts of being bigger than it is. The distance from Astoria to Long Beach is 16 miles and from Seattle to Long Beach is 986 miles.

Some events are held on this beach annually, such as WooHoo Wine Tasting & Holiday Light Show in December, Restaurant Month in January, and the Washington State International Kite Festival in August.

You can also watch movies at Neptune Theater and also play miniature golf with your family. You can buy things from the local market and also spend your spa day on the beach.

7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Length35 miles (56 kilometres)
Area654.69 km2
LocationVirginia & North Carolina, USA
Beach TypeBoth Natural and Man-made
RankWorld’s Largest Resort Beach
Best boardwalk in Mid-Atlantic, United States
ActivitiesPatriotic Music Festival, Diving, Fishing, Hunt club, Paddleboarding, Auto show, indoor skydiving, Beach Soccer, etc.
Attractions NearbyMount Trashmore, Jody’s Popcorn, Sand Soccer Tournament, iFLY indoor skydiving, The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Busch Garden.
Virginia Beach


This famous tourist beach that people on the East Coast flock to each summer is approximately 35 miles long. It distinguishes being named ‘The World’s Longest Pleasure Beach’ by the Guinness Book of World Records.

It’s the most popular destination for tourists. They enjoy this longest beach with a local clam and white wine. You can assume whatever you like but keep in mind that Virginia’s state motto is ‘Virginia is for Lovers.’ It’s not the safest beach because wild foxes on this beach attack humans, and because of this, no one can live here safely or comfortably.

Virginia Beach is well known for its rich local food scene, maritime history, arts and entertainment, and family-friendly attractions. From late May to early September is the most favourable time to travel to Virginia Beach, when you experience the oceanfront culture.

Many celebrities such as Timbaland, Mark Ruffalo, Pharrell Williams, Chyler Leigh, Jason George, Gabrielle Douglas, and Missy Elliot live in Virginia Beach. It’s one of the happiest destinations in the country.

 6. Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand

Length55 miles (88 kilometres)
LocationNorthland, New Zealand
Beach TypeSandy Beach
Rankone of the biggest beaches in New Zealand and the world
Activities Bodyboarding, Surfcasting, Swimming, Fishing competitions, Digging For TuaTua, 4WD Drive, Sandboarding, Camping, Surfing, Golf Games.
Attractions NearbyGum diggers Park, Sunset, Tent sites, Scenic Helicopter Ride, Shipwreck Bay, Kaitaia Golf Club.
Ninety Mile Beach

Not to overtake Australia, but this neighbouring country still has one of the world’s longest coasts, Ninety Mile Beach. However, it stretches about 55 miles long from Ahipara to Scott Point, that is five kilometres south of Cape Maria van Diemen. It’s only 250 km from Aukland to Ninety Mile Beach.

Next to this beach is the Aupouri Forest, which offers a green getaway from the hot sun. It’s a prominent tourist destination for the bedboards, as the sand dunes here look like desert land, which interestingly contrasts with the ocean and makes it a unique spot on the north island of New Zealand.

However, Ribeiro Beach is New Zealand’s largest drivable beach, approximately 66 miles long.

5. Playa Novillero Beach, Mexico

Length56 miles (90 kilometres)
LocationNayarit, Mexico
Beach TypeNatural Sandy Beach
RankMexico’s Ist largest beach
Fifth-most longest beach
ActivitiesBoat Tour, fishing, surfing, and swimming.
Attractions NearbyThe Cuautla Canal, natural wildlife, churches, art museum, and Brava Lake
Playa Novillero Beach

This little-known beach is a favourite of people who have travelled extensively throughout Mexico. It is a pristine beach that stretches about fifty miles long and has unique wave patterns that interest people who study water. Even though this isn’t a tourist attraction, there are some interesting sights to see in the nearby area, including historic churches and an indigenous art museum.

The driving distance from Guadalajara to Playa Novillero is 355 km. Novillero is Mexico’s largest beach in Riveria Nayarit. It is recorded in Guinness World Records for being one of the world’s biggest beaches. It is one of the safest places for all age groups or non-swimmers to enjoy calm, warm waves bravely.

4. Ninety Mile Beach, Australia

Length94 miles (151 kilometres)
Area27.5 km2
LocationVictoria, Australia
Beach TypeSandy Beach
RankFourth widest World’s uninterrupted beach
Second longest Beach in the Australia
Activitiescamping, picnicking, whale and dolphin watching, beach or water sports, surf fishing, and cycling.
Attractions NearbyWoodside, Loch Sport, Seaspray, Golden Beach, Lakes Entrance, and Trinculo Shipwreck.
Ninety Mile Beach

At just over ninety miles, this is a beautiful Australian beach dotted with charming coastal towns. It is a sandy beach on the southeastern coastline of the East Gippsland region of Victoria in Australia. The beach faces the Bass Strait and Gippsland Lakes. The beach is running north-east from a division near Port Albert to the human-made channel at the lake entrance.

However, Coorong Beach is about 220 kilometres long from Port Elliot in the north to Cape Jaffa in the south and is recognized as Australia’s longest beach. We consider Fraser Island the most dangerous beach in the count.

Unfortunately, there aren’t terrific swimming or surfing conditions here most of the time, so it’s not necessarily a favourite beach for watersports. Nevertheless, people who are seeking to get great beach photographs will find miles and miles of picture-perfect spots here.

3. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Length93 miles (150 kilometres)
Area23.4 km2
LocationChittagong Division, Bangladesh
Beach TypeNatural Sandy Beach
RankWorld’s longest Natural sea beach
Bangladesh Top Tourist Destination
ActivitiesSurfing, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Hill track, Parasailing 
Attractions NearbyLaboni Point, Humchari Beach, Teknaf Beach, Inani Beach, kolatali Point, Sugondha Point, Darianagar Beach, Dolphin Moure, Himchori Waterfall, colourful pagodas, Buddhist temples, towering cliffs, surfing waves, and tribes.
Cox's Bazar

This beach distinguishes being the world’s longest ‘natural sea’ beach, stretching across 93 miles. It’s an exciting place that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh but remains relatively little known amongst tourists since Bangladesh is not considered a top destination for the average family.

The people who go here will find three different spots to enjoy: Laboni Beach, the main beach close to town, Humchari, which is loved for its waterfalls, and Inani Beach, which is favoured for suntanning. You may hear people here calling the beach Panowa; the term means ‘little flower’ and is the nickname that locals know the place by.

2. Padre Island, Texas

Length113 miles (182 kilometres)
Area540 km2
LocationTexas, USA
Beach TypeWhite Sandy Beach
RankWorld’s longest Barrier Island
Texas largest Island
ActivitiesSunbathing, Swimming, Boating, Scuba Diving Windsurfing, Sandcastle Building Lesson, kiteboarding Lessons, and Fishing.
Attractions NearbyWildlife, Kemp’s ridley Sea Turtle, Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark, Laguna Madre Nature Trail, Isla Blanca Park, Port Isabel Museums, Wyland’s Whaling Wall.
Padre Island

This beach is about 113 miles long and is known for being one of the world’s longest drivable beaches. Located in Texas, the water here is from the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s a place where the water is warm enough for swimming nearly all year round. Make sure to look for the sea turtles, which are a favourite tourist attraction here. It is best for long walks.

There are two distinct sides to this beach; the north side is a party spot for spring break kids, and the south side is a National Seashore where visitors can see the dunes and tides preserved in their original state. South Padre Island is the safest and quietest spring destination, but this place is avoided to visit in March. We have mentioned about beaches around the world. If you want to know about the largest beach in USA, get all details here.

1. Praia do Cassino Beach, Brazil

Length158 miles (254 kilometres)
LocationRio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Beach TypeSandy Seashore
RankWorld’s first longest beach along with Brazil
ActivitiesWater Sports, Surfing, Sunbathing, Swimming, Boating, Sailing, Diving, Snorkeling, and Fishing.
Attractions NearbyWildlife, Sand Dunes, Navio Altair shipwreck.
Praia do Cassino Beach

At over 150 miles, this is the world’s first longest sea beach in the entire world, as per Guinness World Book records. Brazil’s beaches are known for their white sand, warm temperatures, and welcoming locals. 

It is in the Rio Grande do Sul, the Southernmost state of Brazil. Any trip here is going to be hot, hot, hot! You can enjoy here many water activities, but surfing is the most popular pastime. The best time to spend time on the world’s largest beach is from December to January. It extends from north to south of Cassino’s city until the Arroyo Chuy River, that marks the border between Brazil and Uruguay, interrupts it.


If you’re planning a getaway and seeking the ultimate vacation destination, look no further than the beach. Beaches offer something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a peaceful romantic walk at sunset, some rest and relaxation under the sun, or a chance to engage in some sports activities. And if you’re curious about the longest beaches in the world, you have this list to find your perfect spot for a memorable beach vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which is the First Longest Beach in the World?

The Praia do Cassino Beach in Brazil is the longest beach in the world, stretching for more than 150 miles (241 km) from Rio all the way down to Uruguay. Witnessing such a vast expanse of sand and sea would be an incredible sight. A visit to Praia do Cassino Beach is a must, to experience the stunning beauty for oneself.

Q2. Which is the Smallest Beach in the World?

The Playa de Gulpiyuri in Asturias, Northern Spain, is the shortest beach in the world! Regardless of its size, the Playa de Gulpiyuri is a must-see for anyone who appreciates natural beauty and wants to experience something truly unique. Its proximity to the Cantabrian Sea, just 100 meters away, only adds to its charm and allure.

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