Zero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Must Know!

Having supernatural powers seems cool but having invisibility as a power is a flex. When zero realizes that he has magical powers, he tries to stop the local gang, determined to make their lives hell. He, however, encounters challenges when he realizes his love interest is connected to the gang. The series is about a group of friends in Milan who gets to know each other through art. Omar’s exceptional skills in art catch Shariff’s attention, who later introduces him to his friends. Written by Antonio Dikele Distefano, zero is the first Italian tv series to feature black teens as the lead characters. Despite the movie portraying the challenges black youth in suburban Milan go through, it is purely a work of fiction and not focused on real-life events. Will we get the second part of the series?

Zero Season 2 Release Date: When will it be air?

Has the movie been canceled or renewed? According to Netflix, there is never going to be a continuation of the first part. Despite the show ending in a cliffhanger that needed answers, it has been canceled due to allowing viewership. The first season debuted on April 2021, being one of the black-inspired series in Italy. With a total of 8 episodes, each having a run time of about 30 minutes, fans expected the series to be renewed for the second time. Tinny Andreatta, the head of Netflix in Italy, confirmed the series cancellation in an interview by Repubblica. A rating of 5.5 out of 10 on IMDB was too low to secure its renewal.

Zero Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

Zero Cast

A renewal of the first season would have had most of the actors reprising to their roles. Giuseppe Dave Seke is Omar, the black teenager who has invisibility powers. Joined by his best friends; Beatrice Granny as Anna, Daniela Scatollin as Sara, Haroun Fall as Sharif, and Madior Fall as Inno. We could have also expected Diop Virginia as Awa, Richard Magon as Momo, and Livie Kone as Honey. We would also see new faces featuring in the second season.

Zero Season 2 Plot: What should we expect from next installment?

If the series were renewed for the second season, we would have expected it to develop from the cliffhanger season one served us with. Omar is shocked after realizing that Anna won’t come back to her senses even after saving her from the kidnappers’.We also saw Virgin cure Omar’s sister then take him to a ceremony with the intent of spotting both his parents. Even after the eight episodes, the significance of the drawings Omar made is not yet clear. In the second season, we would have seen if Omar’s mother is alive or Virgil played mind tricks on him. Fans would have known Virgil’s supernatural powers and the mystery of him having a clue on both Omar and Arwa’s family. We could have also understood the significance of Omar’s paintings.

Zero Season 2 Trailer: When will it be out?

Now that the series has been canceled, the trailer of the second season is never coming. However, if the series gets an increased viewership, it may be considered for the second season. For those who haven’t watched the first season, you can do so on Netflix. The Zero song by Mahmood sets the mood of the trailer on a high note, a peep on what is to come.

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