Top 10 SEO Tools

SEOs need SEO tools to effectively do their job and give their clients a better result. There are a massive list of SEO tools. From that massive list I have listed the top 10 SEO tools. This list combines both paid and free SEO tools.

1. Google Analytics -$ Free

Google Analytics provides a detailed view about the traffic and traffic source. It helps you to understand your visitor in a better way, as they provide the interaction details of the visitor. Such as Audience report, Traffic source, Content report, Conversion report.

2. Google Webmaster Tools -$ Free

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to check and monitor indexing status of your website. The advanced view in Google Webmaster Tools shows the

  • Indexed URL in your site.
  • List of URL blocked by the roobts.txt
  • List of Removed URL
  • See what keyword, visitor is using to find your site and their click through rates.

It will also help you to find the clicks and impression for each keyword separately and also for troubleshooting It provides a list of crawl errors and allows you to fetch as Google sees it. This can help you to figure out why a page is performing poorly in search results.

webmaster tool

3. Moz -$ Freemium

The Moz SEO tool offers a keyword research tool and link management tool. Free Moz Tools are Open Site Explorer, Followerwonk, Moz Local, Mozbar, SERP Overlay.

  • An Open Site Explorer tool helps you to analyze Backlink
  • Followerwonk tool shows data on twitter.
  • Moz Local tool helps you to see the state of a company’s local citations
  • Mozbar is a browser tool that helps you to quickly get at Moz’s key feature
  • The SERP Overlay  shows the OSE metrics on individual search result.

Cons in this SEO tool is the Keyword tracked per campaign are limited in Moz.


4. Soovle– $ Free

Soovle tool pulls the auto completion suggestions from a handful of different sources like YouTube, Google, Amazon and Wikipedia.


5. SEMrush -$ Freemium

The SEMrush SEO tool allows you to find all the keywords for which any existing web page on the internet is ranking. It shows your competitor’s top keywords. So rather than girding away in the Google Keyword Planner, just pop your competitors URL into SEMrush and you’ll see every single keyword that they rank for.

semrush seo tools

6. SECockpit  -$ Paid

The SECockpit SEO tool is probably most advanced keyword research tool as it helps you analyse the following

  • Keyword research
  • Superior keyword analyse
  • Find the most valuable keywords
  • Find more and better keyword opportunities than your competitors
  • Rank Tracker (SECockpit Pro and Up)


7. Hootsuite -$ Freemium

Social media today are typically vital for SEO success. The Hootsuite SEO tool is one of many platforms for managing social media. It plays a vital role in promoting your site new content and staying on top of opportunities to engage with key influencers.


8. Seoptimer – $ Freemium

Seoptimer investigate a given URL’s on-page SEO ranking factor. The tool presents a summary of the most important action items along with HTML Header, Body Content, Body Content, Additional Files, Social Media Signals, HTTP Headers, Domain and Server.


9. Google Keyword Planner -$ Free

Google Keyword Planner, formerly known as an Ad words keyword tool, Let you to pull dozens of keyword in seconds. This SEO tool helps you to know what people are searching for.


10. Google Trends -$ Free

Google Trends shows the level of interest of the people over time for a prospective Keyword Pharse. Since it doesn’t give the actual search numbers, but works great when used with the Google Keyword planner. It also allows you to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases.


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