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Mateo Messi is the family member and celebrity son of superstar Argentine football player Lionel Messi. Born in September 2015 in Barcelona. Mateo is an eight-year-old boy making headlines with his impressive football skills. 

He is a die-hard fan of his father, and it shows he got his father’s genes with the golden foot at such a tender age. Many Instagram posts by Messi himself show how Mateo is dedicated to soccer, and the world is waiting to see little Mateo grow up and whether he will have a career like his legendary father.

Mateo Messi Early Life

Full Real Name Mateo Messi
Family Name Messi
Profession Family Member
Date Of Birth September 11th, 2015
Age 8 years old
Birthday September 11th
Year Of Birth 2015
Nick Name Mateo
Current Residence Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain
Nationality Argentine
Religion Roman Catholic

Mateo Messi was born on the date September 11, 2015, in Barcelona, Spain, after Messi moved to Spain from America. Mateo Messi’s full name is Mateo Messi Roccuzzo. From early childhood, he showed his love for soccer and was a big fan of his father. Messi followed the religion of Roman Catholicism. Currently, he is eight years old.

Mateo Messi Education

As a celebrity kid, Mateo Messi’s education details have been kept private. For now, information about him is that he enjoys playing soccer with his father, grandparents, and siblings. He could join the scorer academy in Inter Miami U-12, like his big brother Thiago.

Mateo Messi Family

Father Lionel Messi
Mother Antonela Roccuzzo
Brothers Thiago Messi, Ciro Messi
Grandfather Jorge Messi
Grandmother Celia María Cuccittini
Relatives Name Rodrigo Messi, Matías Messi, Maximiliano

Mateo Messi is close to his family and has a family of five members, including himself. His father is known as football star Lionel Messi, and his mother, Antonela Raccuzzo, is a model and businesswoman. 

He has two siblings. The elder brother is Thiago Messi, who is 10, and the youngest, Ciro, who is 5. Mateo’s grandparents are Jorge Messi and Celia María Cuccittini.

Mateo Messi Zodiac Sign

Sun Sign Virgo

Mateo Messi’s zodiac sign is Virgo, an element of Earth ruled by Mercury. Virgo people are attentive, logical, and practical persons. At the same time, they are shown as sorted people but have picky and over-possessive personality traits.

Mateo Messi Physical Stats

Weight In Kg 15
Weight In Lbs 33
Height In Feet 3\\\’7\\\”
Height In Meter 1.09
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown

Mateo Messi stands at a height of 3 feet 7 inches (112.76 cm) tall, and weights 15 kg. He is still so young. There are many years to grow as a full adult, he has features like blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Mateo Messi Relationship Status

Marital Status single

As Mateo Messi is a child, he is not into any relationship. At the same time, his father, Lionel Messi, and mother, Antonela Roccuzzo, have known each other since childhood. They got together in 2008 and married in 2017 in a luxury hotel, Hotel City Center in Rosario.

Mateo Messi Career

As of now, there is no professional career for Mateo Messi. But at just eight years old, he shows his competitive skills on the soccer field. In many public videos released by Messi and Antonela’s social media accounts, Mateo loves to play football and hardly lets anybody win. 

According to the public on the internet, he has a golden foot like his father. When Messi’s team lost the game to Saudi Arabia in one incident, Mateo left the stadium crying. That shows his love for the game and his idol father, Lionel Messi.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi has a massive professional career as a football player, being a great team captain, winning several championships like the 2014 FIFA World Cup runner-up, Copa América (2021), and having 100 international goals. His mother, Antonela Roccuzzo, is now a model and businesswoman.

Mateo Messi Social Media Presence


Mateo Messi is still a child and does not have a social media account. But he appears in Messi and Antonella Raccuzzo’s Instagram posts, with videos showing his impressive soccer skills

Mateo Messi Net Worth

Net Worth $5 million

Mateo Messi’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. Her father, Lionel Messi, has a whopping net worth of $600 million, and her mother has a net worth of $25 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the parents of Mateo Messi?

Mateo Messi’s parents are known celebrities all over the world. His father is a superstar football player, Lionel Messi, and his mother is Antonella Raccuzzo.

Who are the siblings of Mateo Messi?

Mateo Messi has two other siblings. Thiago Messi is the oldest, at the age of 10, and the youngest brother, Ciro Messi, is 5.

How Old and Net Worth is Mateo Messi?

Mateo Messi’s birthday falls on September 11, 2015, making him 8 years old. He is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.

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