Tuvana Turkay: Actress, Bio, Age, Net Worth !

Tuvana Turkay is a well-known actress in the industry. Film and television star who shot to prominence after making her first appearance on the show Ayrilik in 2009. She achieved widespread acknowledgment for her performances in the films Eksik sayfalar and Bizans Oyunlari, respectively. In addition to acting, Tuvana Turkay enjoys making music in her spare time.

At Enbe Orchestra in 2015, she sang a song titled “Ara Ne Olursan,” for which she had written the lyrics. Tuana is the name of a cover song she released after the event. Tuvana Turkay is a talented musician and lyricist who also composes songs. So, Let’s talk about Tuvana Turkay’s life and how much money she has now, shall we?

Tuvana Turkay Early Life:

Full Real Name Tuvana Turkay
Family Name Turkay
Profession Actress
Date Of Birth October 3rd, 1990
Age 31
Birthday October 3rd
Year Of Birth 1990
Nick Name Tuvana
Current Residence N/A
Country Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Ethnicity N/A
Religion N/A

Tuvana Turkay came into the world in the Üsküdar neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey, on October 3, 1990. On her mother’s side of the family, he has Crimean Turkic ancestry. She is the daughter of Bulgarian immigrants and was born in Istanbul. Her parents emigrated there from Bulgaria. In addition, there is very little information that we know concerning Tuvana’s childhood.

Tuvana Turkay Education:

Highest Qualification Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema
University Beykent University
College N/A
High School N/A

Tuvana attended Beykent University’s Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema classes for her education. Despite this, we are keeping a close watch and will improve Tuvana’s education as soon as we access the relevant facts.

Tuvana Turkay Family:

Father N/A
Mother Armağan Türkay
Brothers N/A
Sisters Katre Türkay
Grandfather N/A
Grandmother N/A
Relatives Name N/A

Katre Türkay is Tuvana’s older sister, and like Tuvana, she is a model and an actor in the entertainment industry. Tuvana’s maternal name is Armağan Türkay. Tuvana Turkay has never disclosed any information on Tuvana’s family members, including her parents, siblings, or other relatives. In addition, we will update this article regarding the members of Tuvana Turkay’s family to obtain accurate information.

Tuvana Turkay Signs:

Sun Sign Libra
Star Sign Libra
Birth Sign Duality N/A
Birth Sign Modality N/A

Tuvana was born on the 3rd of October in 1990, making her age 31. According to the findings of our investigation, the zodiac sign of Tuvana Turkay is Libra.

Tuvana Turkay Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 54
Weight In Lbs 119
Height In Feet 5.7
Height In Meter 1.75
Measurement N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Greenish Blue
Shoe Size N/A
Tattoo N/A

Tuvana Turkay has a weight of 54 kg (119 lbs) and a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.75 meters). Her eyes are a greenish-blue tint, and her hair is black. The real measures of Tuvana Turkay’s physique, including her height, weight, and other dimensions, are not yet available to the general public. We are monitoring the circumstance and will provide an update on Tuvana’s information as soon as it becomes available.

Tuvana Turkay Relationship Status:

Spouse Name N/A
Sons N/A
Daughters N/A
No Of Children N/A
Marital Status single
Partner Name N/A
Relationship Status N/A

Tuvana Turkay is a well-known actress in the industry. However, because Tuvana prefers to keep her private life secret, information concerning Tuvana’s romantic relationships is currently being researched. Nobody knows for sure if Tuvana is married, in a relationship, or if she has any children. Nevertheless, we will update this information as soon as new information regarding Tuvana’s romantic life becomes available.

Tuvana Turkay Career:

Actress Tuvana Turkay is well-known for her work in the industry. Film and television star who shot to prominence after making her first appearance on the show Ayrilik in 2009. She achieved prevalent recognition for her performances in the films Eksik sayfalar and Bizans Oyunlari, respectively.

She performed the role of Bahar convincingly in the television series Kara Para Ask, which was shown on ATV following the conclusion of the season narrative for Yer Gok Ask. After the conclusion of the season story, she decided to retire from acting. 

During that time, she played Sema Taskin in the TAFF Pictures production of the family comedy titled ‘Güvercin Ucuverdi.’ Türkay, who made her debut in a family comedy among other talented actors and actresses, was met with favorable reviews from the film’s reviewers. After that, she appeared in the Turkish comedy titled “En Güzeli” in the role named “Gizem.” 

She took a breach from acting for a year and worked in the film industry, but she focused on filmmaking during that time. Moreover, she gave her acting career a new spin with the role of “Necmiye Hatun” in the movie Somuncu Baba Askin Sirri Tasavvuf. Necmiye Hatun was the woman with whom Somuncu Baba discovered love on earth. 

In addition, she played the role of ‘Princess Maya: Aycorek Hatun in the film ‘Gym of Bizans,’ which is scheduled to be released on December 14, 2016, and is a joint production between the film studios Avsar and Tükenmezkalem. At last, she performed “Ara Ne Olursun,” whose words and melody are a part of her album from 2015 and to which she contributed personally. It has gained tremendous amounts of popularity. Moreover, she performed a rendition of Levent Yksel’s song “Tuana” with the assistance of arranger Mustafa Ceceli. DMC Music is providing her with further education in music.

To summarise, Tuvana Turkay is well on her path to success as a working actress in the industry.

Tuvana Turkay Social Appearance:


Tuvana Turkay is a well-known actress, and she has a significant number of fans that admire her. In addition, she has 3.5 million followers on Instagram on her account under the handle @tuvanaturkay and is well-known for the breathtaking images that she posts.

In addition, you may keep up with Tuvana Turkay by following her on her Facebook account, which has 61 K followers.

Tuvana Turkay Net Worth:

Net Worth $1.5 million
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Entertainment – Acting

The total of Tuvana Turkay’s financial assets and liabilities is the amount that constitutes her net worth. Homes, automobiles, various bank accounts under Tuvana’s name, and monetary assets were taken. The value of Tuvana’s financial support, which includes stocks and bonds and Tuvana Turkay, contributes to the company’s overall net worth.

In addition, you have lately been aware of Tuvana Turkay, and you are intrigued about the amount of money she has. Let us begin by stating that it is believed that Tuvana Turkay has a net worth of $1.5 million and that Tuvana has earned a substantial amount of cash as a result of the success that she has had in her work as an Actress. Regardless of the circumstances, taking into account Tuvana’s age, that is a substantial amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Tuvana Turkay famous?

Tuvana Turkay is well-known due to her accomplishments as an actress.

What is the exact net worth of Tuvana Turkay?

Tuvana Turkay has a net worth of $1.5 million.

What is the height and weight of Tuvana Turkay?

Tuvana Turkay has a weight of 54 kg (119 lbs) and a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.75 meters).

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