Dave Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Details That You Need To know!

One should be confident just like Dave was confident that he is gonna be one of the biggest rappers world has ever seen. This semi-biographical drama is created by Jeff Schafer and Dave Burd, also known as Lil Dicky. The first season hit the screens earlier this year, and it left the viewers laughing on the floor. Yes, we agree that some critics were very hard on the show, but the fans loved it! It became the highest-rated comedy show on FX, surpassing Atlanta. After the first season concluded, fans started to wonder about the second season as they want to watch more of the hilarious comedy. You will find all the information about season 2 here.

Dave Season 2 Release date: When can we expect it?

You guys will be glad to know that the show has already been greenlit by FX for season 2. After the groundbreaking hit if season one, news of renewal was just a matter of time. Dave Burd and Jeff created a fantastic comedy, and it scored a rating of 8.4 on IMDB and 72 % on Rotten Tomatoes. Season one concluded on 29th April, and after a few days Dave tweeted asking fans if they want to have the second season and judging by the reaction of fans, it is undoubtedly happening! However, we must consider the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has halted the filming of other shows. Also, FX Don’t really rush the production process, and in addition to that, Dave also has to focus on his music career. So, we are expecting the second instalment to hit the screens around the beginning of 2022. 

Dave’s tweet

Dave Season 2 Cast: who can we expect? 

Telling you that Dave Burd will return will be stupid as it is evident, the show cannot take place without him. So you definitely are gonna watch his hilarious and embarrassing activities. We will also have Taylor Misiak, Christine Ko, GaTa, Andrew Santino and Travis Bennet. Kevin Hart and Greg Mottola are the producers of the show. As Lil Dicky’s career is flourishing, we can expect cameos of big names like Trippie Reed, Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, Macklemore, YG, and many others. The show will make you a fan of Lil Dicky as he is not only hilarious but also a great rapper. However, we advise you to get ready for some sexual and racial jokes, don’t take it too seriously! 

Dave Season 2 plot: what could it be about?

We saw in season one that this goofy rapper believes that he is gonna be a big name in the industry. Season two will be full of laughter; there is no doubt about that; we will see Dave’s self-deprecating humour. We saw a pivotal point in the career of Dave in the last episodes of season one and are expecting that the storyline will expand and spotlight the career of Lil Dicky. Dave himself told us that there are many events and real-life incidents that he wanted to include in the show, but he couldn’t. So gear up for some more hilarious anecdotes for the second season.

Dave Season 2: do we have a trailer?

Unfortunately no, the second season was renewed recently, and the pace of Production had been affected severely due to the ongoing pandemic. We are expecting that the trailer will land not before 2021. You can watch the trailer of season one which is very funny in itself!

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