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HBO is becoming bolder day by day when it comes to its shows. Without any break, it is continuously hitting home runs, and the stats of every show are touching the ceiling. It has established a long list of immensely popular and loved shows, Westworld, Game of Thrones, Watchmen, and The Leftovers are some of them. As the success of the network is increasing, so is the content quality. And now, HBO has released a new groundbreaking show, which created a buzz among the audience since the first look. Gear up for this show and find out all the news and update of The Third Day that we have gathered for you.

The Third Day Cast : Who will be in?

A talented cast is essential to tell a good story and The Third Day has no shortage of talent. Sam is the main character; Jude Law plays this character who had a not so happy past. Naomie Harris is playing a single mom with two daughters. The supporting cast is also looking good with Paddy Considine and Emily Watson playing Mr. and Mrs. Martin (a local couple). We will also see Joe Blakemore, Mark Lewis Jones, Freya Allan, Amer Chadha Patel, Will Rogers, Nico Parker, Charlotte Gairdner-Mihell, and John Dagleish. The show will also feature Katherine Waterston (Perry Mason) as Jess.

The Third Day Cast

The Third Day Episode Guide :

The Third Day has six episodes in season one, out of which episode one is available to watch. Episodes are named after the week’s days, starting from Friday to Wednesday, which is titled The last day. Wednesday is also the third day of the week; it is also the show’s finale and name. Here’s the list with release dates.

Episode 1. Friday- The Father (14th September 2020)

Episode 2. Saturday- The Son (21st September 2020)

Episode 3. Sunday- The Ghost (28th September 2020)

Episode 4. Monday- The Mother (5th October 2020)

Episode 5. Tuesday- The Daughter (12th October 2020)

Episode 6. Last Day- The Dark (19th October 2020)

The Third Day Reviews

The show has scored 8.1 out of 10 on IMDB, and the Rotten Tomatoes score is 70%. The Third day succeeded in spiking the interest of the audience in the mystery. Top actors and beautiful scenic beauty also played a vital role in the engagement. Even though it has a lot of twists and turns, some of them are predictable. However, the show can keep the interest alive and is worth watching, but you need to be patient as the story gradually unfolds. 

The Third Day Reviews

The Third Day Plot : What will Happen?

The basic plot of this mystery drama revolves around Jude and Naomie. They found out that the island (Osea Island) is tough to escape from. Both these characters are set in separate times, but they are connected through events. The show contains three parts, first is the summer, which will focus on Sam (Law’s character). The second part is autumn, which is not a usual collection of episodes; it will be a live theatrical broadcast (3rd October). The third section is titled Winter, which will focus on Helen and her daughters. 

The Third Day Release Date :

The Third Day got the green light in June 2019, and the filming began instantly from the next month and went on till the end of 2019. Fans were going crazy after hearing the news about Plan B and Punchdrunk International partnering up with HBO for The Third Day. Sky Studio and HBO together created shows like Catherine the Great and Chernobyl, which made the hype. Initially, it was supposed to release on 11th May 2020, but it got delayed due to the pandemic, and they had to postpone the release. However, the wait is now over, and the show was released yesterday on 14th September 2020, at 9 pm ET. Fans in the UK will get to watch it today. Have a look at the tweet HBO did.

The Third Day Trailer : 

The trailer of The Third day is available to watch; you can watch it here

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