Pieces Of Her: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Details!

If someone asked you, who do you know most in this life? Who can you say you know their traits inside and out? Some will say their partners, some will say their best friends, but the majority will say it is their mothers. What happens when all you know of your mother is just a front? What happens when you realize your mother is not the same person you have always admired but a woman who has so many dark secrets.

Based on the Novel written by Karin Slaughter, “Pieces of Her” is a series that is set to premiere on Netflix. Created by Charlotte Stoudt, the series will be produced by Made Up Stories and Endeavor Content production company. Will Andrea piece all the pieces of information she has of her mother?

Pieces Of Her Release Date: When will it premiere?

The series is yet to be released, and so far, there is no information on when it will be out. Netflix announced that the series was greenlit, and the production was to start on February 5th, 2019. Photography of the first season was expected to begin in March 2020 then end on July 10th, 2020.

The filming location was scheduled to be in Burnaby, British Columbia. However, due to a reason that is best known to the filming team, it didn’t go as planned. After changing the filming location, the series filming finally started filming in 2021. On January 25, Netflix revealed that series to premiere on March 4, 2022.

Pieces Of Her Plot: What will happen in this installment?

Andrea and Laura live in the small beach town Belle Isle. Andre has always lived in the small town her whole life, and she expects the same from her mother. This changes one Saturday evening when she gets to see the other side of her. Shooting erupts at the local mall, and Laura is forced to take action. It is either risking being exposed or ending up dead. When she eliminates the threat without struggling, Andrea starts questioning whether she has ever known her mother.

On her quest to piece the little information she has of her mother, her perspective on the life she has always had changes. When Laura’s past catches up with her, she is forced to flee home. Andrea starts to question if anything has ever been genuine. Who is Laura?

Pieces Of Her Cast: Who will appear?

Information on actors starring in the movie was released in bits. The first information announced in February 2020 was that Toni Collette would play Laura Oliver and Bella Heathcote as David Wenham playing Jasper Quellerin the series got announced in May 2020.

Seven months later, it was announced that Jessica Barden would play Jane, Joe Dempsie as Nick, Bad Boys star Jacob Scipio as Micheal Vargas, and Omari Hardwick as Gordon Oliver. There are also recurring casts such as Gil, Terry O’Quinn, Calum Worthy, Nicholas Burton, and Aaron Jeffrey.

Pieces Of Her Trailer: When can we watch?

The series trailer is yet to be out, but there are several reviews or trailers of the book on YouTube. The trailer does not offer much of what is expected. Fans can even get a copy of Karin’s book to familiarize themselves with the plot.

The first season’s trailer might be out in 2022 before the series premiere. Netflix has similar shows such as Hanna, Cypher, and Absentia that you will find interesting to watch.

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