The Trial of Chicago 7 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything That We Know About It!

Aaron Sorkin has now established a good reputation for himself in Hollywood as a great writer. After acing the writing skill, Aaron Sorkin set his foot in the field of movie directors with the movie-Molly’s Game. The announcement of his new movie- The trial of the Chicago 7, is creating a hype among the audience. It will spotlight a historical event, and a group of great actors will unite for this movie to take the film to a new level. Netflix has announced the date of release of this Courtroom Drama. We have compiled all the information and updates of The trial of the Chicago 7 for you; read on to know about the plot, cast, release date, and more.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 Release Date : when will it premiere?

It came into light in 2018 that Aaron Sorkin was tackling the direction of this movie. The production of the film was completed at the right time before the pandemic hit. Paramount studio was all set to release the film on 25th September 2020, but the Corona Virus created circumstances because of which it had to be postponed. After the wait of almost two years, Netflix officially announced that the movie would release on 16th October 2020. 

The Trial of Chicago 7 Release Date

The Trial of Chicago 7 Plot : what is it about?

Even though we cannot know the movie’s complete plot without watching it, we have a pretty good idea of it. The title of the film tells a lot about the story. It will highlight the trial which took place in 1969 of seven defendants. These seven defendants were on trial for a long list of conspiracy charges and crossing the state lines to rouse riots during the Democratic Convention in Chicago, 1968. If your mind says that you have already watched a movie of the same story, that doesn’t mean you imagine stuff. It is one of the earliest original HBO films. However, Sorkin is releasing the movie now because of a particular reason. It is gonna hit the Audience differently when elections are near; also, the audience will relate to the social upheaval depicted in the movie to the social upheaval going around in the real world. It seems like Aaron Sorkin had it planned for a long time.

The Trial of Chicago 7 Cast : Who’s returning?

The story looks pretty impressive, but if by any chance it didn’t attract you, the cast of this movie will pull you like a magnet! You are getting many of the best actors in a single movie. Let’s start with Sacha Baron Cohan, who is playing Abbie Hoffman; this guy has versatility in his blood and makes every movie better with his appearance. Oscar winner for best actor, Eddie Redmayne, will play Tom Hayden. Jeremy Strong (Succession) and John Carroll Lynch as Jerry Rubin and David Dellinger Respectively. The movie also features Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Bobby Seale. Alex Sharp will also act in the film alongside Noah Robbins and Daniel Flaherty. Great writer and director and an exceptional line up can take this movie to Oscars. 

The Trial of Chicago 7 Cast

The Trial of Chicago 7 Trailer : When will we see it?

Netflix dropped the teaser on 14th September 2020. You can hear the slogan “The Whole World is Watching” throughout the teaser, it is the slogan protesters chanted outside the Conrad Hilton Hotel. We saw some of the talented stars of the movie in the trailer. The video drew a lot of focus on Sacha Baron Cohen, and we also get to hear one of his dialogues. You can watch the trailer here.

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