‘Stephen!’ Watch the ‘Laguna Beach’ Cast Virtual Reunite for the First Time in 16 Years

After a decade, the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach” cast members have reunited for a significant reason for the first time. This was actually a high school reunion.

Why the reunion held?

At the reunion, which was held for promoting voter registration of the upcoming Democratic President Election through the HeadCount’s #GoodToVote campaign. 

The season 1 Laguna Beach protagonists who are reunited in this virtual campaign: Lo Bosworth, Morgan Smith, Christina Sinclair, Trey Phillips, Talon Torreiro, and Loren Pollster enjoyed a Zoom session of games with Entertainment Weekly’s Emily Longeretta (host of the reunion) such as Never Have I Ever. 

During the reunion, the cast recalled the memories and their precious moments from the show. They also explained how they displayed their characters as a teenager in front of the camera. All of them have lots of favorite highlights in Laguna Beach. No one was interested to re-watch the show as adults. 

On Friday, Lauren Conrad posted the IG TV clip on Instagram, hosted by Emily Longeretta. “It was so nice to get together (virtually) with these guys,” she captioned.

What does Colletti recollect from her memories?

She reminisced the previous time they all were in the same room when they were going to the VMAs. MTV was going to launch this show and gave them 45 minutes of media training. She also said her parents were very supportive during the show. She also discussed her fan experience, fans used to call her name in the same way as Kristin pronounced on the show. She also shared the post on Instagram of Zoom reunion:

What does Sinclair remind about the show?

Sinclair feels that the show was a blissful experience of their lives. Reality TV shows were not in circulation before Laguna Beach. The characters of this show are so prestigious. They had no appetite for money for their performances and had no idea what they were doing. They only enjoyed their characters. 

To perceive your polling place, please visit the site and know about mail-in and early voting, or confirm your registration status before November 3.

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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