Taylor Swift Presents Song To Political Ad Campaign In Support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

The upcoming presidential race between these two candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, is now creating division among the celebs too Like Brad Pitt also supports Joe Biden for Presidential elections. Recently, the sensational singer Taylor Swift has bestowed her beautiful song to Joe and Harris party in their 2020 campaign ads for the upcoming election.

This 30 year, the super sensational star is continuing to validate Joe Biden’s power in the coming presidential elections. She finally approved for one of her songs that has to be used in their campaign to support Joe Biden, former vice president, and Kamala Harris as in the vice presidential candidate race.

Her 2020 super hit song ONLY THE YOUNG has picked up from her recent Miss Americana Netflix documentary to be featured in their campaign. Her soundtracks also topped the Spotify list.

On 30 October 2020, this soundtrack is a brand-new advert, and this news was officially shared by Eric Swalwell, the current Democratic-Republican US house candidate.

In the past week, with the cover for V magazine, Taylor Swift has officially raised support with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s party. Along with her story for V magazine, She also highlighted a few of her political decisions to proudly vote for Biden and Kamala Harris in this 2020 presidential election.

Further, she added that she believed to get a new change in America, “probably! A healed America” under their leadership. She also stated that as a president, one should recognize the need for people, women’s deserving rights, and the LGBTQIA+ community. At the end of V magazine, she concluded that it’s high time to choose a leader for their country who is willing to resolve America’s current issues positively. 

And now, within a week after this interview, Taylor Swift’s song voiced for the Biden party.

On her Twitter handle, the popstar is very clear about her decision on the political issue in which she directly advertised her fans to vote for Biden. In such a way, she gave her backing to the Biden and Kamala Harris party by sharing a holding plate of Bid 2020 cookies, indirectly showing her support to them as a strong presidential candidate.

The upcoming election is arising in a very tough competition among the presidential candidates. Now we have to choose a strong leader for the country and wait for the Republican results.

Till then, stay attuned to our page for more latest updates.

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