Russell Wilson & Ciara Recreate Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson Duet Video For Halloween 2020

Costumes indeed are one the best parts of Halloween. We have seen many celebrities who take Halloween costumes very seriously, and Russell Wilson and Ciara stunned us with their costumes this Halloween. The couple took to Instagram and posted a family picture, and we must agree, they are killing it! Ciara already showed us two of her costumes: Meg Thee Stallion and the other as Cardi B. However, she teamed up with her partner and landed with a robust recreation of the 1998 music video. The couple decided to dress up as two of the most iconic celebrities; Wilson was rocking the Busty Rhymes costume while Ciara was dressed up as Janet Jackson. 

Revealing such amazing costumes just through a picture was not enough; the couple spent a lot to display their Halloween costumes with style! The clip starts with Wilson and Ciara on the screen of a small era-appropriate TV. Then we were taken into the TV where we can see Wilson and Ciara dancing on What’s It Gonna Be? The fans were impressed by the costumes and praised the couple. The legendary rapper Busta Rhymes himself also commented on the post and thanked Ciara and Wilson for love. 

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Busta! Janet! ???

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Ciara and Wilson really love to dress up as music industry stars. In 2019, the couple dressed up as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. At that time also, they released a video and conducted a professional photoshoot. Wilson stated that they were just trying to have fun and pay their respects to Beyoncé and Jay-Z; he admired her partner and told us that he did his best.

Wilson’s family conquered hearts!

After posting their sexy recreation video, Wilson posted the family photo, and it is adorable. In the picture, Russell is wearing a shiny silver suit in honor of the legendary American rapper. Wilson’s gorgeous wife is impersonating Janet Jackson. Future Zahir Wilburg dressed up Carnage, fictional supervillain. Sienna Princess Wilson appears to be a fan of Maleficent, and she is looking cute in that costume. And finally, the youngest member of the family looked adorable as a little pup.

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