NBC Insiders Describe ‘Nightmare’ of Working with Donald Trump on ‘The Apprentice’!

Recently few of the NBC insiders had broken their silence over the American reality TV show name, The apprentice, presented by the host Donald Trump in 2004.

On talking with NBC insiders, and their experience of having a host who is the President of America, they described it as a nightmare.

They described the journey from the first season to the last 15th season of how Trump tried to rule over the show by demanding a huge amount of money.

Few of the NBC employees stated about the estimation that Trump received for the presentation of the show. Donald Trump earned $427.4 million from the front, Celebrity Apprentice, and all related deals. This show was an added financial success in his life.

Few of the NBC employees spoke about the life which was so dismal than all those depicted boardroom scenes on the set of the show. On the other hand, they also revealed that Trump was demanding an amount of $500,000 to continue his hosting for the show after winning the US presidential election in 2016.

He decided to keep the hosting of one of his most popular shows, The Apprentice, from his oval office. A severe bad behavior was observed from this 74-year-old President and slammed to be a money more pocket.

The show developed in 2004 and received very great ratings and reviews from the viewers. The show’s high popularity forced the makers to make Donald Trump as a presenter of the show after being President. But from then he tried to become a showrunner for the whole show, as stated by one of the network insiders. Further, he demanded 90 to 90% of the show for his shares.

Few of NBC’s insiders also asserted that Trump wanted to make a huge amount of money from the show as few of the irrelevant headlines. And that was not published by NBC were forced to be posted on the headline by him.

As he wanted to disgrace Eliot Spitzer, then display Escort Spitzer’s relation with Ashley Dupree and much more irrelevant headlines.

After 2016, Trump also announced that he would be so pleased to continue hosting TV contest shows even after becoming the President in current US elections.

But the controversies began when Trump officially announced Mexican immigrants as therapists at the 15 June launch event. The makers of NBC, Mark Burnett, decided to cut off the overall contract from Trump. All the insiders confessed that Trump didn’t even believe in how NBC fired a president and publicly announced that they would dump him because of his continued Socrates statements.

A Little more controversy arises when Claudia Jordan, one of the workers on the celebrity apprentice set, claimed to Donald Trump that he tried to kiss her more than once during the shoot.But somehow, a new link-up appears between Trump and NBC, as we still have a live example of it. Recently, when Trump refused to join a virtual Town Hall with the current US presidential candidate Joe Biden, but later NBC announced that they would host a Trump town Hall on 15 October and the sameat night and same time, Joe scheduled at another network ABC.

It’s a massive surprise for the viewers when Trump seems to be back on NBC networks on Thursday night. The US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden prepared for their own Town Hall on a competitive system, NBC and ABC.

Few of Trump’s non-supporters backlash NBC for again hosting for Trump and claimed that they might also ally with this businessman even after ending all the future contracts with him in 2015. His sudden appearance on NBC is quite shocking and surprising for everyone, and many backlashes it.

So it’s been so amazing to watch. Maybe they will again alliance with Trump for a new contract, or it’s all just for a huge success??

Till then, stay attuned with our page for more latest.

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