Brad Pitt Supports Joe Biden As ‘A President For All Americans’

Brad Pitt has made his first official foray into the 2020 presidential elections. It should not come as a surprise to people because Brad Pitt has always actively spoken out his political views. A legendary American film star at a baseball game, endorsing a presidential candidate, is there something more prototypically American than this? Brad Pitt’s soothing voice echoed during the Saturday night’s World Series game. Brad Pitt endorsed Joe Biden, and you can hear his voice in a campaign ad for Joe Biden. Brad Pitt was very clear with his words, and his monologue hailed Joe Biden as the president of all Americans.

The video is of only one minute, but it says a lot! It featured Joe Biden meeting with different people of varying identities and ages, meeting everyone with a smile. Brad Pitt pointed out Joe Biden’s gift of empathy and his ability to unify Americans from different political backgrounds. Brad says that America belongs to all those who chose this country and those who fought for this country. He didn’t miss out to address everyone as the speech reads, some democrats, some republicans, and mostly the people in between. He added that Joe Biden is a president for all Americans, including those who vote for him and those who don’t. Joe Biden is the president who can look you in the eye, treat you with respect, and tell you the truth. Brad Pitt stated that Joe Biden would be the president who can understand people’s dreams, hopes, and dreams, who will listen to people and unite them all. That is a good speech!  

Brad Pitt’s ad is titled “Make Life Better,” Biden campaign has aired the series of ads during the priciest airtime on TV; Make Life Better is the latest installment in that series. A single ad is costing $4 million to the Biden campaign. Brad Pitt is not the first actor to endorse Joe Biden; we have seen other famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sam Elliott, Shakina Nayfack, and many more supporting Joe Biden. Recently we saw Mel Brooks posted a video in which he said that he would be voting for Joe Biden as Donald Trump has done nothing to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also have a fundraiser scheduled for Halloween, hosted by Tim Curry.

Brad Pitt has never given political statements carelessly, but you also have to give him that he is also not the one to shy away to express his beliefs. Something like this happened at his speech for the best supporting actor at the Oscars this year; Pitt made a short comment but with a significant meaning. Pitt said that he was given only 45 seconds up on the stage, which is 45 seconds more than John Bolton was provided by the Senate this week.

Many people liked the ad and described a vote for Joe Biden as a vote for common decency. Some pointed out that understanding others should be a necessary trait for a presidential candidate and added that Joe kindly goes to people to greet them instead of waiting for them to come to him. On the other hand, some didn’t like the fact that Joe Biden is using celebrities to ask for votes, which can result in people not voting for him. Some said that Brad Pitt is not in the position to talk about the average everyday Americans.

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