Sylvester Stallone: Actor, Filmmaker, Age, Daughter, Net Worth !

Sylvester Stallone is an American-based actor and filmmaker. He rose to fame after his role in 1974, co-starring in The Lords of Flatbush role as Stanley Rosiello. He subsequently got work as a side character in films until Sylvester succeeded as an actor and screenwriter in 1976 with his starring role as Rocky Balboa in the 1st film of the Rocky series; he also wrote the screenplays. 

In 1977, Sylvester was one of the few actors in cinema to be nominated for 2 Academy Awards for Best Actor and Original Screenplay. His film Rocky was also inducted into the National Film Registry; its props were placed in the Smithsonian Museum; in addition, Philadelphia has a permanent statue of his character Rocky near the museum. 

Until 1982, his films were no big successes unless they were Rocky sequels. This changed after he portrayed the PTSD-plagued soldier John Rambo in the action film First Blood. 

From the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, Sylvester appeared in movies like tango and Cash,  Cobra, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, and The Specialist. In the early 2000s, he saw a decline in popularity but was back to prominence in 2006 with Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series and 2008 in the Rambo series. In the 2010s, Sylvester launched The Expendables films series, in which he starred as the mercenary Barney Ross. Further, in 2013, he starred in Escape Plan and appeared in its sequels. In 2015, with Creed, Sylvester returned to the Rocky series. This film brought him praise and also his 1st Golden Globe award. 

In American cinema history, Sylvester is the only actor to have starred in a successful box office number-one film across 6 consecutive decades. 

Sylvester Stallon Early Life:

Full Real Name Michael Sylvester Gardenzio
Family Name Stallone
Profession Actor and filmmaker
Date Of Birth July 6th, 1946
Age 76 years old
Birthday July 6th
Year Of Birth 1946
Nick Name Sly, Michael, The Italian Stallion, Binky, Sly Stallone
Current Residence Beverly Hills, California,
Country United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christian

Sylvester was born on 6th July 1946 in Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone. 

He was raised Catholic, but after his acting career progressed, he stopped attending church. But later, in 1996, due to his daughter’s born illness, he rediscovered his childhood faith and became a strict Catholic again.

Sylvester has French and Ukrainian ancestry on his mother’s side, and his father was born in Italy, a US immigrant.

Sylvester Stallon Family Background: 

Father Francesco \”Frank\” Stallone Sr.
Mother Jacqueline \”Jackie\” Stallone
Brothers Frank Stallone Jr.
Sisters None

Sylvester was born to Francesco “Frank” Stallone Sr. (1919 – 2011) and Jacqueline “Jackie” Stallone (1921 – 2020). 

Francesco was an Italian-American hairdresser, one-time actor, and writer. Further, Jacqueline was an astrologer, dancer, and wrestling promoter. In the early 1950s, Sylvester’s father moved to Washington, DC, to open a beauty school, and In 1954, his mother opened a gym for women. 

Sylvester has a younger sibling, his brother Frank Stallone Jr, who is an actor and singer. 

Sylvester Stallon Education:

Highest Qualification Bachelor degree
University University of Miami
College Miami Dade College, Charlotte Hall Military Academy and American College of Switzerland
High School Notre Dame Academy and Lincoln High School

Sylvester attended Notre Dame Academy and Lincoln High School (Philadelphia). Further, he attended Miami Dade College and later Charlotte Hall Military Academy.

From September 1965 to 1967, he was at the American College of Switzerland. And from 1967 to 1969, he returned to the USA to study at the University of Miami, majoring in drama. 

In 1999, Sylvester achieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the president of the University of Miami.

Sylvester Stallon Physical stats:

Weight In Kg 102kg
Height In Feet 5 feet 9½ inch
Hair Color Greyish
Eye Color Light brow

Sylvester stands 5 ft 9½ tall and weighs around 102kg. He has a bodybuilder physics, and even though of his age, he is still fit and healthy. Further, he has greyish-colored hair and attractive light brown eyes due to his age. Sylvester’s distinctive features include his deep voice, raised eyebrows, and aggressive looks. 

Sylvester Stallon Birth Signs:

Sun Sign Cancer
Star Sign Cancer
Birth Sign Duality Passive
Birth Sign Modality Cardinal

Sylvester’s zodiac sign is Cancer, and he is currently 76. Cancer is nurturing, sensitive, self-protective, security-seeking compassionate, and offers and displays a goofy, loving, ingratiating sense of humor.

Sylvester Stallon Net Worth:

Net Worth $400 million
Source Of Income Actor, screenwriter, producer and director

Sylvester is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and director whose estimated networth is $400 million. His large share of networth came from his sequel movie Rocky, and other than acting, he earns from his writing, producing, and as director of his major franchise movies.

Sylvester Stallon Relationship Status: 

Spouse Name Jennifer Flavin
Sons Sage Moonblood and Seargeoh
Daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet
Marital Status married
Partner Name Sasha Czack and Brigitte Nielse
Relationship Status Married

Sylvester has been married 3 times. He has 2 sons (Sage Moonblood and Seargeoh) from his first marriage and his third marriage; he has 3 daughters (Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet).

On 28th December 1974, he married Sasha Czack, and they divorced on 14th February 1985. Further, on 15th December 1985, he married Brigitte Nielsen, a model, and actress in Beverly Hills, California. After two years of marriage, they divorce.

Further, in 1988 Sylvester met Jennifer Flavin, a model, and they dated until 1994 when he told her about having a child with Janice Dickinson, another model. But later, after the DNA tests confirmed Sylvester was not the father, he ended his engagement.

In May 1997, Sylvester married Jennifer Flavin. 

Sylvester Stallon Career:

In 1970 Sylvester earned his first role in a film, ‘The Party at Kitty and Studs. During that same year, he was featured in the movie, ‘Rebel’, earning him a national star.

The following year, he starred in ‘Score,’ the off-Broadway stage piece, which ran for 23 performances, and the same was created into a film by Radley Metzger. As an extra, Sylvester also appeared in ‘Bananas’ by Woody Allen and the crime thriller film ‘Klute.’

Further, in 1975, he was cast in the film, ‘The Prisoner of Second Avenue’ directed by Jack Lemmon, and he appeared in supporting roles in the films, ‘Capone,’ ‘Death Race 2000’ and ‘Farewell, My Lovely,’

The following year brought Sylvester a lot of promise and hope as he starred in his first big break film, ‘Rocky,’ an action-drama. He has also written the script and the movie is one of his most commercially successful movies to date.

After ‘Rocky,’ in 1978, he made his directorial debut in the film, ‘Paradise Alley,’ and the same year, he appeared in the film, ‘FIST.’ this film is based on the life of James Hoffa.

In 1979, Sylvester starred and wrote in the sequel of ‘Rocky’ named ‘Rocky II’, which was also a big hit. Later after 2 years, he starred in ‘Nighthawks’ and ‘Escape to Victory.

In 1982, he launched another action venture, in the film, ‘First Blood’ as the Vietnam War veteran, ‘John Rambo.’ This was both a critical and commercially hit at the box office. However, the sequels Rambo: First Blood Part II’ and ‘Rambo III’ met with much less success.

In 1982, Sylvester appeared in his next Rocky sequel ‘Rocky III.’ Later after three years, followed by ‘Rocky IV. For his role, Sylvester worked out and did a demanding training program; he became a popular fitness symbol.

In 1987, he starred in the film, ‘Over the Top,’ a different genre he did. Later in 1989, he again tried a different film genre and starred ‘In Tango and Cash, which was successful.

In 1990, Sylvester starred in the fifth ‘Rocky’ series titled, ‘Rocky V.’ For the next two years, he did comedy films like ‘Oscar’ and ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

In 1993, he starred in the hit film, ‘Cliffhanger’, which brought him back to fame and he also starred in the film, ‘Demolition Man.

From 1994 to 1996, Sylvester appeared in hit films like ‘The Specialist,’ ‘Assassins’ and ‘Judge Dredd.’ Further, in 1997, he also appeared in the film, ‘Cop Land opposite Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta; it was a low-budget film. 

In 1998, he gave his voice to the animated film, ‘Antz.’ Further, from 2000 to 2005, he was featured in the films, ‘Get Carter’, ‘Avenging Angel,’ ‘Driven’, ‘D-Tox’, ‘Taxi 3’, ‘Shade’ and ‘Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. In 2005, Sylvester was the co-presenter for ‘The Contender,’ a boxing series.

Later, in 2005 he took a break and served as the host/mentor to contestants

participating in ‘The Contender,’ a reality show. 

After these films, Sylvester made a comeback in 2006 with the sixth Rocky movie installment, ‘Rocky Balboa,’ which became a super hit. In the following 2 years, he released the 4th installment of the ‘Rambo’ series, titled ‘Rambo’; the movie was equally successful.

In 2009 Sylvester appeared in a small gem in the Bollywood film, ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ opposite Kareena Kapoor and Akshaye Kumar. In 2010, he starred in ‘The Expendables, one of the year’s biggest hits. Further, the following year, the sequel to the movie, ‘The Expendables 2’, was released. 2010, he starred in, ‘Bullet to the Head,’ an action film; based on the novel, ‘Du Plomb Dans la Tete.’

Sylvester Stallon Social Appearance:


Sylvester has a huge fan following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with more than 15.3M, 11M, and 2.8M followers, respectively. He has an amazing post collection on these profiles with his personal and professional pictures. In addition, Sylvester has more than 52K subscribers on his YouTube channel

Sylvester Stallone Features Tulsa King’s Latest Series

Sylvester Stallone has been waiting for years for a role of a gangster, so the wait is over, as the trailer for Tulsa King was over. Sylvester will be playing a gangster role in Taylor Sheridan’s latest series. This story is about an aging gangster sent to a place called Tulsa, Oklahoma, from the big city of New York, to plan out how to do some business there. If this sounds like your type of story, then you need to know about Tulsa’s new kingdom.

The well-known Taylor Sheridan creates the show, and Sylvester currently predominates over the Yellowstone kingdom. However, Terence Winter acts as the showrunner of the Boardwalk Empire. Further, the cast includes Jay Will as Stallone’s driver, Martin Starr as the owner of the famed dispensary, Andrea Savage, Dana Delany, Max Casella, Garrett Hedlund, Domenick Lombardozzi, A.C. Peterson, and Annabella Sciorra.

Tulsa King is a Mafia person who was in prison and was released after 25 years and has been realized. Further, he has been shipped off to Tulsa. The moment he understands that he wouldn’t be able to come back, Manfredi puts all his efforts into a new crew in Tulsa. 

Tulsa King, the original, premieres on 13th November on Sunday, with the following episodes released each Sunday. You can also watch the first 2 episodes on the Paramount Network on 20th November, following a new episode of Yellowstone

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