Thomas Delauer: Fitness Instrustor, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth !

Thomas Delauer is an accomplished writer and fitness instructor. Originating in the United States, he is American. He is a prolific author and well-acknowledged for his dedication to physical fitness. In addition, he entered the world on May 6, 1988. He has amassed over 2.6 million+ viewers on his YouTube channel. The Keto-related clips are his most popular. Thomas’s passion is putting his knowledge down on paper, and he does so with great enthusiasm. 

Furthermore, he frequently publishes publications on subjects connected to human anatomies, such as “posture correction” and “human body inflammations.” Thomas has been honored twice for his professional achievements: once as 2012’s “Top Trainer of the Year” and once as that year’s “Top Recruiter.” So, Thomas Delauer’s biography and fortune are next on the table.

Thomas Delauer Early Life: 

Full Real Name Thomas Delauer
Family Name Delauer
Profession Personal Trainer
Date Of Birth May 6th, 1988
Age 34 years old
Birthday May 6th
Year Of Birth 1988
Nick Name Thomas
Current Residence USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Thomas Delauer entered this world on May 6, 1988. Furthermore, we know very little about his formative years.

Thomas Delauer Education 

Highest Qualification Graduate
University Under Review
College Not Found
High School Not Known

We’re trying to learn more about Thomas Delauer’s academic background. As soon as we have more faithful information, we will add it to this page.

Thomas Delauer Family 

Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Grandfather Under Review
Grandmother Under Review

Thomas is not the type of guy to freely discuss his family history. Now settled in the United States with his happy family, he calls the country home again. Finally, we will update this page if we find any new, credible information on this health coach and author.

Thomas Delauer Zodiac Sign 

As of the year 2022, Thomas Delauer will be 33 years old. He was born on May 6, 1988, making him a product of the United States. We found that Thomas Delauer was born under the sign of the Taurus.

Thomas Delauer Body Measurements 

Weight In Kg 85 kg
Weight In Lbs 187 lbs
Height In Feet 5′ 10″
Height In Meter 1.77 m
Measurement Not Known
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown

Thomas Delauer has a height and weight of about 5 feet 10 inches and 85 kg. His hair and eyes are both blonde, yet his skin is dark. It’s safe to assume that, as a professional bodybuilder, he’ll have a ripped, athletic figure, complete with large biceps and a six-pack. Thomas does not have any tattoos. In addition, Thomas Delauer shoe size is 9.

Thomas Delauer Relationship Status

Spouse Name Amber DeLauer
Sons Thomas Everett DeLauer Jr.
Marital Status married

Thomas Delauer is an accomplished writer and fitness instructor. For his exquisite taste, he is held in the highest esteem. Furthermore, many images and videos have been posted to his verified Instagram account. But other than that, Thomas Delauer always stayed in shape.

Thomas Delauer’s relationship status is another topic of interest, whether single or married. We could confirm that Thomas Delauer is married to his long-time girlfriend Amber DeLauer after conducting some research into the matter. Since their high school days, Amber and Thomas have been together. Thomas Everett DeLauer Jr., his son, was born in 2017.

Professional Life of Thomas Delauer:

Thomas Delauer is a well-known health trainer and author. He enrolled in a military institution and, through rigorous training, shed about 100 pounds. Popular health trainer and author Thomas Delauer is notable in his field. His training company is well regarded in health and personal development. He started his channel on YouTube back in 2009.

Thomas Delauer weighed a whopping 280 pounds when he was younger. When he finished school, he enrolled in a training academy and began lifting weights. By rigorously exercising and adhering to a healthy diet, he can shed 100 pounds over this time frame. Thomas has always wanted to be a bodybuilder since he was a kid. He’d been working in the industry for quite sometime before his youtube channel became popular with instructional videos on healthy eating and exercise. Presently, his channel boasts over 2.15 million followers. In addition, he’s also an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur outside of YouTube. In recent years, he has become a popular celebrity personal trainer.

Now an expert and trainer in the health and wellness field, he overcame his past weaknesses to achieve success.

He has written several health-related blogs and is also a published author. His 2012 accomplishments include the “Top Trainer of the Year Award” and “Top Recruiter” honors. Furthermore, he released his first book, titled “Top 10 Detox Tips.” Having reached 1,000,000 subscribers, the Thomas DeLauer wiki has also been honored by YouTube with the “Golden Play Button” accolade. Many magazines throughout the world have featured covers with him.

One time he even made the cover of Ironman Magazine. Moreover, he was profiled in an issue of Muscle and Performance Magazine. He is also included in an article on a Japanese ironman and an interview with Natural Muscle Magazine. In conclusion, Thomas Delauer has what it takes to become a health trainer and writer on the professional circuit.

Thomas Delauer Social Appearance 


Numerous people respect and admire Thomas Delauer, an established expert in the fields of both health training and health writing. Moreover, his @thomasdelauer Instagram account is quite popular, with 306 k followers. His Twitter account, which proceeds by the handle @ThomasDeLauer, has almost 19,000 followers.

Thomas Delauer Net Worth 

Net Worth $2 million USD
Source Of Income Fitness Trainer

The term “net worth” is used to describe the whole monetary value of an entity. Thomas Delauer’s assets are valued at a total of his net worth. To rephrase, if you add up all of your assets, savings, and debts, that’s exactly how much you’ll have.

You’ve also recently heard a lot about Thomas Delauer and are curious about his wealth. If that’s the case, you’ll find all the answers you need on our site.

It is speculated that Thomas Delauer has a wealth of $2 million. He has amassed considerable wealth due to his successful health trainer and writer profession. But again, for someone his age, that’s a lot of money. And we want the best for him in all his future undertakings.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Thomas Delauer?

Thomas Delauer is an accomplished writer and fitness instructor. Originating in the United States, he is American. He is a prolific author. He is also well-acknowledged for his dedication to physical training.

Could you tell me how tall and how much Thomas Delauer weighs?

Thomas Delauer has a height and weight of about 5 feet 10 inches and 85 kg. His hair and eyes are both blonde, yet his skin is dark.

Who is Thomas Delauer’s wife?

Amber DeLauer, Thomas’s long-time partner, is now his wife. Since their high school days, Amber and Thomas have been together. Thomas Everett DeLauer Jr., his son, was born in 2017.

What is Thomas Delauer Net Worth?

As of 2022, Thomas Delauer has amassed a net worth of USD 2 million. According to our research, Thomas’s net worth, which includes the money he makes from YouTube, also benefits from his role as a personal fitness professor for several prominent business people and celebrities.

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