Happy Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Updates! Would There Be A Possibility Of Another Season?

One whole year after the release of Happy season 2 and no words have been said in regards to the release of the third series. This comedy series’s fate is still unknown as the future of this show doesn’t seem very promising. Right now, there has been no word of this season’s renewal by another network, neither has Netflix opted to renew this series. However, the new season’s release depends on whether this series would be picked up again. If this series gets renewed, it’s most likely to be out on Cinema by spring 2021. But due to this pandemic, a spring release would be unrealistic as a fall release would be more visible.

Happy Season 3 Release Date: Is the third season of Happy cancelled?

After the statistic report released by TV series finale, the second season of happy had an average rating and viewers dropped of over 56% and 57%. Which was a drastic drop? When compared to the first season? This statics wasn’t encouraging enough and led to Syfy’s cancellation just after two seasons and 18 episodes. Sadly, but extremely realistic for Syfy. This is an obvious indication that there would be no hope of the production of this series by Syfy. But is there still hope for this show on another production house? Most likely.

Happy Season 3 Canceled: Would it Return With Other Production House?

Right now, Happy is unlikely to return on Syfy, and there are greater chances of a release by another Production network. It was earlier reported The Universal Content Production planned to shop the series out to other Production Network. Which means there is an 80% possibility of having Happy back on screen. Presently, we think Happy is most likely to make a comeback through Netflix where the show performed well. Although Netflix hasn’t made any confirmation statement, the ongoing petition from earlier this year would only make it likely for the company to consider it.

Happy Season 3 Cancelled

Happy Season 3 Plot Prediction: What will happen?

The movie Happy based on a book written by Grant Morrison and Derrick Robertson. It’s an adult crime comedy animation that revolves around a former cop Nick and Happy, a blue unicorn who saves the day. He crosses path with Nick, a drunk who is out to save a girl who has been kidnapped by Santa. 

You can watch two previous season of Happy. If we got any other updates regarding the renewal, will add all the details here. Till enjoys the previous season on netflix. Click here to watch: https://www.netflix.com/hk-en/title/80177346

Happy Season 3 Cast: Who will be in?

We are expecting to see all our favorite weirdly funny characters on screen with probably new faces on renewal.

With stars such as :

Christopher Meloni as Nick Sax, Ritchie Coster as Francisco “Mr. Blue”, Lili Mirojnick as Meredith Merry McCarthy, Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen, Patrick Fiskhler as Smoothie, Patton Oswalt as the voice of happy, and lots of other incredible stars.

Season 3 should be a spectacular comeback, and we would expect nothing less than that.

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