Solomon Perjury Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Need To Know!

Korean drama series about law, order, and justice  have to be  be some of the best-acted series out here. One such series is the Attorney Woo show, a show that wowed the heart of many based on its excellent casting, fluid plot and intense storyline. One of the series that also did well is Solomon Perjury, a crime drama series released in 2016.

For its  performance you would expect that the series creators would have already made over three seasons but unfortunately no. The series has never ben renewed ever since it premiered years ago. Here is everything we know about the series’ future.

Solomon Perjury Season 2 Release Date: When will it come?

Unfortunately, a specific release date for the Solomon Perjury series is yet to be set, and currently, we area yet to determine just how soon the series will be available. The show’s first season was released in 2016, and the high possibility is that we are never seeing the second season. In case the series is renewed then it might be available for binging in 2024.

Solomon Perjury Season 2 Plot: When can we expect it?

The series plot revolves around a student that falls and dies on Christmas day. The police think it is an accident, but a student says he witnessed the murder. The witness’s life is threatened as the murderer wants to do away with him. The whole story puts students in turmoil and everybody fears for their lives. Unfortunately, we do not know the second season plot, but we are optimistic it will follow the first season’s finale.

Season 1 Review:

The first season of the show got ab8.2?10 rating on IMDB. It is a good show, with good actors and a solid plot and we recommend you stream it.

Solomon Perjury Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

Kim Hyun Soo plays Go Seo- Yeon, the series protagonist. She is a high school student famously known for being one of the most intelligent. She is also kind-hearted and looks out for others. Her quiet life is, however, disrupted when a murder happens, and she is put at the center of it all. Jang Dong-Yoon stars as Han Ji Hoon, a student and an adopted son of a prosecutor whose dark secret he has kept hidden for a long might be the key to solving one of the most demanding crime stories in history.

Seo Ji-Hoon plays Bae Joon Young, the first witness who finds Lee See-Woo’s lifeless body. Since he has grown up in a dysfunctional family, he is one of the murder suspects’ Young- joo stars as Lee Soo Woo, the dead secret also kept one of the gravest secrets. Cho Jae Hyun stars as Han Kyung-Moon, Ji-Hoon adopted dad. Unfortunately, we do not know the second season’s cast, but we hope all first-season characters will reprise their roles.

Solomon Perjury Season 2 Trailer: When can we expect it?

A trailer of the series is yet to be released, and currently, we do not know how soon the trailer will be available. The first season trailer was released in 2016, and almost seven years later, there has not been any announcement regarding the series’ future and development.

We may never get to see the series trailer, or we may get to see it before the year ends or early 2023. All of this will depend on whether the shows will be renewed. If you did not watch the show’s first season, you might want to do so on JTBC. Other Korean shows include Attorney Woo, Alchemy of Soul, or Revenge of Others.

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