Netflix Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Must Know!

Netflix is known for its diverse content, and one genre that has been making quite the name is the K-dramas. K dramas have become popular since the Vagabond series was released. This was followed by the Squid game, which got the whole world watching, and most fans are still waiting for the debut of its second season.

Before we even catch a breather, another show, The Extraordinary Attorney Woo, has recently been released, and it is the talk of the town. The show follows the life of a young law student Woo Young, an autistic lawyer who graduates top of her class. The series has been gracing the charts since it was released on June 29th, 2022, and K-dramas fans wonder if a second season is forthcoming.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 Release Date:

The show’s first season was an absolute hit, and two months later, it is only natural for a fan to wonder if their favorite show will be renewed for the second season. The good news is that Lee Sang Baek, the president of STORY, the production company behind the series, confirmed that they are indeed working on the show’s second season.

The confirmation is no surprise as the show bagged an impressive 8.9/10 rating on IMDB, and it was only a matter of time before Netflix renewed it. Since the first season had a total of sixteen episodes, it might take time for the series development, and the earliest premiere for the drama should be in 2024.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 Plot:

The series has already been confirmed for renewal; therefore, we do not need to guess whether it will be back or not. The first season told the story of Woo, a young attorney who graduates top of her class. Due to her ability to remember everything said in the courtroom, she soon becomes an avid lawyer and an admiration too many.

Season two of the show could explore Woo’s love interest in Kang Tae-Oh enlisting in the military. He could either be replaced altogether or scenes from him in the military could be highlighted. The autism portrayed in the series also received mixed reactions, and the series writer could come up with a way of meeting both parties in the middle.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 Cast:

The series protagonist Woo Young-woo was portrayed by Park Eun Bin, and we expect her to reprise in the show’s second season. Other casts we expect to see in the show’s second season include; Oh Ji-Yul as Young Woo, Kang Tae-Oh as Woo’s love interest, Kang Ki-Young as Jung Myung- Seok, Jeon Bae-soo, Jang Seong-beom, Baek Ji-won, and Ha Yoon-Kyung. Since Woo’s love interest will be enlisting in the army, the second season might have new faces and replacements for some of the season 1 actors.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 Trailer

So far, the show has no trailer for the second season, but If you did not watch the first season, you could do so on Netflix. Other dramas on Netflix that you might want to check out include; Squid game, Hellbound, and All of Us Are Dead.

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