TekWar: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

The TekWar series writer intended to write a novel he could star in, but several years later, the book is being adapted into sci-fi movies. Written by Ron Gualarat and William Shatner, Tek Novels has been the basis of most television series, with the dominant being TeKwar. TekWar was first released in 1994, with a second series following in 1996. The earlier novels are based on a story about two centuries in the future which is about to come true. According to the “Deadline, “27 years after the TekWar series was released, it is being developed into an animation. The best part is that the advanced technology will facilitate viewers’ participation.

TekWar Release Date: When will it air?

It was only recently when the Pure Imaginations CCO, Joh Roberts, announced that they were happy to work with Shatner to do something unique. Information about the series is limited, making it hard to know the filming has started in progress or may start in 2022. Matt Michnovetz, who also wrote Star Wars, is expected to write and develop his animated play. Matts’s main job is to bring mixed reality to the sci-fi world in a way that the audience will relate to. Depending on how long the production will take, we should expect the premiere in either 2022 or 2023.

TekWar Plot: What should we expect?

The plot revolves around Jake Cardigan’s attempt to clear his name after being wrongfully detained in prison. The setting is in 2044; a policeman loses his badge after being wrongfully accused of killing his colleague, a police officer, after being found in possession of Tek, an illegal narcotic-like drug. Jake is framed to have killed him in a bust, and this offense gets him fifteen years detention in Cryodetetainment. However, after only four years, Walter Bascom gets released from prison by the CEO of Cosmos, a security firm Sid, his colleague, works in. After Jake and Cosmos meet to discuss the way forward, he agrees to work as a private investigator to bring all the Tek lords on their knees.

TekWar Cast: Who will be in?

So far, the only cast that we’re sure will be featuring in this soft is William Shatner. After his role as Captain Kirk in The Star Trek tv series, William Shatner came to light. Afterward, he reprised the Trek animated series and Star Trek the Animated picture. According to the deadline, bringing life to the character technologically advanced is a future he has forever longed for. We expect the information of the other casts to be out after the script is done with, just before the liming starts.

TekWar Trailer: Is the trailer out?

The trailer of the animated adult series is yet to be out; however, it may be out once the debut of the series is almost. Fans can watch the trailer of the First sci-fi that premiered in 1994-1996 as it has the same e-content.

The trailer shows Jake being sentenced to cry detention then com binge back to life after four years. As intense as the trailer is, you can already imagine what is to come. You can watch the series on Prime Video.

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