Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World !

The Economics and Peace Institute publishes its Global Peace Index survey every year. This list retrieves from such a report that calculates how dangerous or unsafe a country is based on 23 different metrics, including political terror, domestic war deaths, and murder rates. It assesses 163 countries that account for over ninety-nine percent of the global population in three areas: ‘safety and security.’ In the GPI survey, 163 countries are evaluated, representing more than 99% of the total population worldwide. Three related fields are the variables evaluated in the report:

  • Safety and Security
  • Ongoing Conflict
  • Militarisation

According to the agency, we assessed the level of security in countries as “political violence (includes terrorism, insurgency, political unrest, and war), social unrest (including sectarian, community and ethnic violence), as well as acts of violence and meager crime. 

So, Round up to the top ten countries in the world below that are most dangerous.

10. Russia


High militarisation in Russia leads to its place on the list, along with one of the highest levels of arms exports per capita. Russia is the world’s 10th most dangerous area. Russia’s high militarization leads to its place on the list along with one of the highest rates of arms exports per capita. It has a level 2 travel warning from the U.S. Department of State to show greater vigilance in visiting Russia than the other countries on this list. Russia is vulnerable to transnational, local, and militant terrorist groups. Russian authorities have also illegally arrested American citizens who might be harassed or extorted.

Growth Rate:-0.02%

9. Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The DRC sees numerous national demonstrations that are frequently violent. With violent actions such as an armed house, robbery, and aggression in the highest circumstances, the crime rate is very high. Besides, the police lack tools to react adequately to violence. The nation is the ninth most dangerous nation in the world. According to the World Health Organization, the DRC has recently undergone an Ebola epidemic that took over 2,200 lives. The abuse in the DRC has impaired health staff in providing treatment for Ebola patients. Demonstrations are frequently aggressive in cities throughout the world. Violent offenses like armed domestic violence, robbery, attacks, and police have become commonplace and have no means of responding adequately to violence.

Growth Rate:2.52%

8. Libya

There have been high levels of violence, civil strife, abduction, arms, and terrorism in the North African region. In Libya, violence is mostly due to continuing clashes between militias. It is the world’s eighth most dangerous country. Libya’s violence, civil disorder, abduction, military struggle, and terrorism have been very strong, and territories and wealth were exacerbated mostly by factions that continue to clash. ISIS conducted several attacks which killed civilians and members of the security forces. Tripoli, the capital, and other major towns such as Suman, Al-Jufra, Misrata, Ajdabiya, and Benghazi are also places to battle militia and terrorist attacks in Libya.

Growth Rate:1.27%

7. Central African Republic

Despite a peace deal signed in 2017, there is chaos in the Central African republic. Between Seleka rebels and the Anti-Balaka militia, conflicts persist. This war has internally displaced six hundred twenty thousand civilians, and 570,000 refugees have left in neighboring countries. That’s why the seventh most dangerous nation in the world is the Central African Republic. The instability in the world continues to increase and expand despite the peace deal signed in 2017. The choc between the Seleka rebels and the Anti-Balaka militia is the key cause of unrest in the CAR. Enlistments, terror, raids, and violations of human rights worldwide are common in this country.

Growth Rate:1.87%

6. Somalia

The country’s volatile situation has been exacerbated by the absence of security forces, prevalent drought, and food shortages. The chance of abduction and terrorist attacks was frequent at airports, public offices, hotels, and restaurants. 

The majority of extremists are killed by foreigners, government officials, and U.N. staff. Somalia is the world’s sixth most dangerous country. In all parts of the region, Somalia is at great risk for abductions. Terror attacks on international airports, government offices, hotels, and restaurants are often expected in Somalia. The attacks are important targets for foreigners, government leaders, and the U.N.’s staff. However, Droughts and food shortages in Somalia have made the climate and stability already precarious, and effective police lack maintaining the situation.

Growth Rate:2.93%

5. Iraq

The nation is experiencing internal and external tensions, including terrorist attacks and ISIS, which continue to abduct and destroy civilians and military personnel. Iraq is the world’s fifth most dangerous country. Iraq is still in conflict both internally and externally, with the possibility of militant attacks. ISIS persists in capturing and killing civilians of the Iraqi army. Other abuses of human rights, including violations of assembly equality and women’s rights, have continued in the nation. U.S. Iraqi civilians are particularly vulnerable to abuse and abductions and are targets of sectarian anti-U.S. militia across Iraq.

Growth Rate:2.38%

4. Yemen

In accordance with the United Nations, Yemen’s civil war in 2015 is continuing with the worst humanitarian situation in the world. The war led to 4 3 million homeless people, 14 million hungry people and caused lethal epidemic outbreaks. Yemen is the world’s fourth most dangerous country. The Civil War in Yemen started between two sides in 2015: the administration headed by Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and the army movement Houthi. Yemen is experiencing the world’s greatest humanitarian catastrophe under the U.N.’s auspices, where 4.3 million people are in peril of hunger. The spread of lethal diseases has been caused by four years of continuing violence. Roughly 80% of Yemen’s population (24 million) in need of humane assistance is desperate.

Growth Rate:2.23%

3. South Sudan

South Sudan

South Sudan has been ranked third in civilian violence, unresolved political tensions, and pervasive crimes – including thefts, attacks, carjacked and kidnaps -. There are only armed conflicts between the government and opposition parties and little to no rule of law and order beyond the capital of Juba. The third most dangerous nation in the world is South Sudan. The current war and civil strife are common to South Sudan, and widespread violence, including theft, robbery, carjacking, and abduction. There is mainly an armed struggle between governmental and resistance forces and, beyond the Juba Capital, there is limited or no rule of law or order. Especially risky areas are close to South Sudan and Sudan, Kenya, the Central African Republic, etc. 

Growth Rate:1.68%

2. Syria

Since March 2011, a civil war has ravaged the Middle East, which was the highest point before last year. It was the second most deadly war in the twenty-first century, where 470,000 people were killed, among them 55,000 children. Syria is the world’s second most dangerous region. Afghanistan has just recently placed Syria in second place. Since March 2011, the Syrian civil war ravaged the country and was the second most deadly war of the 21st century. Small arms, tanks, chemical bombs, cannons, and aircraft have been a persistent occurrence in Syria. As of March 2019, 5.7 million refugees left Syria, and more than 6 million were internally displaced.

Growth Rate:4.43%

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the world’s most dangerous country, as the 2019 Global Peace Index states its fatal Taliban aggression is being fought. Afghanistan, which has the most deaths from violence and terror, has suffered 3,804 civilian deaths as a whole, of which 927 of them are children, according to the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan in 2019. Afghanistan is seeing fatal assaults in the region by the Taliban and the U.S. in its 19th year of fighting. Like any other nation in the world, Afghanistan’s people are killed most by war and violence.

Growth Rate:2.33%

So these are the top ten most dangerous countries in the world! You have to look below if you want to look at the Country Ranking of all the countries along with their peace index value and population of 2021.

RankCountryPeace IndexPopulation 2021
3South Sudan3.52611,381,378
7Central African Republic3.2964,919,981
9Dr Congo3.21892,377,993
15North Korea2.92125,887,041


These dangerous countries were not regulated by the government and the lawless across vast regions, “the severe danger of terrorist assaults by armed gangs aimed at travelers and foreign workers,” and the government and transport departments, which are not functioning at all. Nor do major parts of the countries, through study, are inaccessible to foreigners.

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