94-year-old Hollywood Director Mel Brooks Endorses Democrat Candidate Joe Biden For 2020 US Elections!

Recently Sam Elliot’s political ad to support Joe Biden caused a storm on Twitter, and it showed us how important it is to use your platform as a celebrity. It encouraged people to take a stand and don’t let their vote go to waste. On 21st October, everyone’s fun grandpa, Mel Brooks, posted a video to encourage people to do the correct thing and vote for Joe Biden. Mel Brooks is one of the most iconic actors, writers, and directors. People often look up to their favorite artists and aspire to be like them; this makes it all the more important for celebrities to encourage people to vote. 

Mel Brooks has never made a political video before, but Mel felt the need for it this time. Max Brooks, son of the 94 years old Comedian and filmmaker, posted the endorsement video. The video showed Mel’s son and grandson standing outside behind the glass doors to maintain social distancing. Social distancing is very important for Mel as he is 94 years old; Max is in his 40s, and he might survive Coronavirus if he gets inflected, but the chances of survival of his father are very low. Mel also addressed the situation, and he said that they could not be with me because of Coronavirus! In addition to that, Donald Trump has done nothing about the situation. Mel said that so many people have due to Coronavirus, and one cannot do much after death; he was implying that we can make a change as long as we are alive by voting for the right person.

Mel Brooks also clarified why he is voting for Joe this election. Mel said that he likes Joe and the reason for that is Joe likes facts, Joe likes science. Maybe he said that because Joe never suggested using disinfectants to cure Coronavirus.

People showed love and excitement over Mel’s endorsement. One of the followers of Mel Brooks said that on the one hand, Mister Roger’s wife and Mel Brooks supported Biden while on the other, KKK and Taliban endorsed Trump, it should clear any doubt someone has about who to vote for.

Even though this was the first political video by Mel Brooks, he also appeared in a video made by his son in March to make people aware of the social distancing.

Do let us know what is your take on this message from Mel. Are you gonna take his tip and vote for Joe?

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
I am Shopia, a movie enthusiastic and I read lot of books, mostly of science fiction, thrillers and biography. Content writing is just my profession but my passion too.

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