Netflix’s La Révolution Review: The French Revolution With Zombies!

Here comes up with another depiction of the French revolution series named LA revolution that you might have the latest watch on Netflix on October 17. This series intrigued for a while initially, but later the story entirely diverted from history’s real incidents.

The depiction in the story is quite fascinating for the supernatural and ancient history lovers. However, there is not much reality in the story that describes the actual scenario of 1789 in France.

The leading creator of this fantastic series Aurelien Molas and producer Francois Lardenois has recently given it’s rights to Netflix to live worldwide.

That’s not the history that you had studied out in school; instead of it’s something different that you haven’t seen before.

You are not only going to witness social issues that had arrived in that ancient time of France in which French people were rebelling against the aristocracy and monarchy system, even though you will see many supernatural keys over there that end up with heresies. The main protagonist of the series, Jose Guillotin, featured by Amir El Kacem, played a man who grew up by practicing the medical profession and experience of organ transplantation.

The overall story goes around a brutal murder that happened in the city’s outlet whose body was destroyed and entirely outbroken by mysterious bites.

Unless you found it very interesting at the beginning of the story by discovering a disease that invaded the whole nation but on the other hand, you saw more political contextualization in the story.

This series will make you remember more Blue Blood scenarios because of the pandemic that you will find in various themes in the story. Somehow it eroded the social, economical drama in any revolution scheme, although you will get to watch more supernatural molds that flattened the historical themes. In the first scene, you will see Madeleine, a young woman contemplating a revolt and willing to do anything to suppress his power. In the end, the deed of the family is overcome by a curse of a disabled son named Donatien (Julien Frison).

The horror depiction in the series is quite interesting that the present ghosts seemed so bloodthirsty who were the real challenges for the city population. However, it didn’t end up with good writing potential, whether the cast performance was appreciable.

The direction of the series showed real creativity and gave good evidence of screenplay. It’s ended up with a complete combo of action, douse, and carnage at the same place.

So if you are looking for a historical style series with a magical touch, we must recommend having a watch on the La revolution. Just have a look at its trailer to get more depiction of the series.

Till then, stay attuned with us for more latest updates.

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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