Jem Wolfie: Influencer, Age, Height, OnlyFans, Dating, Net Worth!

Jem Wolfie is a social media influencer, model, fitness instructor, chef, and businesswoman from Australia. She has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and also on ‘Onlyfans.’

So how much do you know about Jem Wolfie? If not more, then we compiled her age, height, weight, partner, child status, and all that is necessary for you to know about Jem Wolfie Net Worth in 2022, as well as the particulars of her life. Have a look below:

Jem Wolfie Biography:

Full Real Name Jem Wolfie
Profession Fitness Model
Date Of Birth August 7th, 1991
Age 30
Birthday August 7th
Year Of Birth 1991
Nick Name Jem
Country Australia
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Czechoslovak, Australian
Religion Christianity

Jem Wolfie is an influencer, model, fitness instructor, chef, and businesswoman from Australia on social media. She is famous on Instagram and also on ‘Onlyfans’ with more than 2.7 million people.

Only a few people can be called entrepreneurs worldwide. Well, Jem Wolfie is one. At one point, she was injured and was unable to play basketball. To fix her injured knee, she started training. That’s when it all starts.

For both men and women, she owns a clothing business. She’s also a chef and a founder of a food preparing company. She is also an athlete and a personal trainer who was renowned for her Instagram posts. Initially, it was known as an Instagram star who often posts about personal training.

Jem Wolfie Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurements:

Weight In Kg 61 Kg
Weight In Lbs 134 LBs
Height In Feet 5 Feet 8 Inches
Height In Meter 1.70 m
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black

Jem Wolfie is 30 years of age and was born on August 7, 1991. She weighs around 61 kg, while her height is 5’8″ inches and 170 centimeters tall with Blonde hair color and hourglass figure, which she maintains by performing exercises in the gym and playing basketball. 

Jem Wolfie Family:

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brothers N/A
Sisters N/A

She was born on August 7, 1991. Before she grew as a model, she worked as a professional chef. Before being injured, she also competed briefly in the WABL basketball league. She appeared with Tisun Awoken “Top Floor” in the 2016 B-Nasty video.

Jem Wolfie was born in Perth, Australia. She was born to an Australian and Czechoslovakian dad. She’s a strong parent bond. She even thinks that her mother is her idol. She’s got two siblings, an older and a younger.

Jem Wolfie Education:

Highest Qualification Graduated
High School High School, Perth

She studied in Perth, Australia, at Helena College. She has got a dog called Mac, a race-mixed dog. The fitness of her mother strongly influences her work.

In an interview, Jem revealed that she wasn’t comfortable with people asking if she’s a teenager whether she’s natural to wear a bikini or not. Her passion for sports cars is enormous. She even drives a Mazda RX8. She is a really lovely hero. The Czechoslovak, Australian, is her ethnicity.

Jem Wolfie Relationship:

Marital Status single

We don’t have any information about her love life. We suppose she’s alone because of her Instagram account, which lacks romantic pictures.

Jem Wolfie Professional Career:

Modeling has been a passion for her since she was a little girl. She started posting health and fitness images back in 2013 on her Instagram profile to attract many people. She received the title “Fat Burners” in 2015.

That is when the attention of local brands began to be captured. In articles written by Maxim, Daily Star, and, she received some recognition.

As we said, she suffered a knee injury, resulting in her becoming a personal trainer rather than a professional athlete. She also owned and operated a food preparation company known in her hometown as the “Eats Good.”

In 2018 she decided to close her meal preparation business and publish videos with her gymnastics about her cooking skills. She had 2.7 million Instagram followers as of August 2019. In her videos posted on Instagram’s account, she often plays basketball.

She has a fan page called “OnlyFans.” There she posted pictures, but they aren’t free. Subscribers must pay $9.99 for subscriptions. She puts her sexy pictures on that fan page.

Jem Wolfie Controversies:

On social media websites, Jem is very famous. However, her fame comes at a price. She has revealed that she received numerous abusive messages. People call her ‘fat’ constantly and use other bad words for the Queen of Perth on Social Media. 

In an interview, she commented on this, “The worst thing every day is to wake up and see horrible comments and messages. It may be draining for some days when you are called fat constantly. It can be exhausting to keep your neck shaking all day long.”

Jem Wolfie Social Appearance:


In social media, Wolfie began posting photos of her treatments to millions of followers and fans. At first, she posted pictures of her training sessions. She had over 10,000 Followers(mostly male) supporters by 2015.

Her Instagram account had almost 3 million followers in December 2020 before it was disabled because too many sexy photos had been posted that violated the social network’s policies.

You can catch her on these social media accounts:

This trendsetter has 117K followers on its Instagram account and has 9975 followers on ‘Twitter.’

Jem Wolfie Disabled Instagram Account:

Perth’s influential Jem Wolfie lost 2.7 million followers overnight after Instagram began her “to break the laws.” After sharing too many sexy photos, the 29-year-old found herself in warm water in violation of community guidelines with the social media giant.

The Facebook spokesperson, who owns Instagram, told West Australian, “We have removed this account because it repeatedly breaks our rules.”

The Spreadspeaker indicates a July 2019 announcement saying the platform will “remove accounts with several violations in a timeframe.” It looks like Wolfie may have received extensive warnings before the removal.

The Instagram model based in Perth, which was fortunate when she displayed her body on the raunchy OnlyFans video stream network, did not answer for comment. Last year Perth was described by Wolfie as ‘like the old town,’ in which her work is ‘laughed.’

During an appearance on the podcast of the No Jumper in LA, she said, “I mean, I like Perth… it’s a little town, and it’s so back of the times, and that’s not f*** like America f**** with Me. “I know I’ve got fans out there, but Perth is like an ancient city as a whole. There is no respect for influencers. I’m laughing about it.”

Wolfie said that this was far from the case when she talked about how influencers in Latin America are treated as gold with respect for careers in Perth.

She said, “Where I come from, this doesn’t mean a career. “But that’s all right since for what I do, and I don’t need anybody to validate.”

OnlyFans Account:

Jem Wolfie’s best-known social media platform OnlyFans is the most popular, and she is the most paid person on onlyfans.

Jem Wolfie is reported to make so much from OnlyFans for $30,000 a day. That’s about $1 million a month before and only before taxes are reduced.

Tom Stokely, the CEO of OnlyFans, confirmed that Wolfie is the biggest star on the platform, with more than 10,000 fans who paid 15 dollars a month to view its content. He also confirmed that in her first few months on the platform, Jem alone made over 2 million dollars.

She is currently promoting a “Bang Energy” power drink, an energy drink with zero sugars and calories, which works very well for her fitness audience. 

It is also said that the record label of Kanye West pays her for cross-promotions. Jem Wolfie also owns her e-shop selling hoodies and shirts called Wolfgang Apparel, which makes money through ebooks for food. 

Jem Wolfie Net Worth:

Net Worth $8 Million

Jem Wolfie is a model Australian with a net value of $8 million in social media personalities. She is best known for being the highest income and most popular figure for OnlyFans.

According to reports, Jem Wolfie earns up to $30 thousand every day from OnlyFans. Before taxes and before OnlyFans takes a share, that comes up to roughly $1 million every month.


Jem Wolfie is a fitness enthusiast, model, and 29-year-old Instagram star. She is well known for her Instagram workout video. She made $3.4 million in pre-tax income per month by costing her 102,800 subscribers just over $40 per month to view her stuff. She now has 117 K followers and has a net worth of $8 million as of 2022.

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