Firebite Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Other Important Details!

If you love fantasy, action, and a little bit of drama, then AMC has a masterpiece for you. Firebite, the Australian drama series, is set on a secluded mining town in the far south Australian desert, the home for vampires who have been making life hell for the community. Created by Warwick Thontomna and Brendan Fletcher, the series explores the tale of the two Indigenous vampire hunters who are on a journey to hunt every vampire who is out for their kind. But what occurs when one of them is a bit, and the only option is death? Will they make the hard decision, or does everything has a solution if you look hard enough?

Firebite Season 2 Release Date:

The first season premiered on AMC on 16th December 2021, concluding two months later with the eighth season on 3rd February 2022. The distributing channel is yet to confirm whether there is potential for the second season, but the creators made it clear that they are ready for another season and are only waiting for the green light from the channel.

Firebite Season 2 Plot:

Two indigenous actors, Tyson Walker and Neeks, are set on a mission to battle what remains of a vampire colony in the south Australian desert. The first season focused solely on the tight relationship the two vampire hunters had and the lengths they would go to ensure each of them was safe. However, their relationship was tested as Tyson got bit when the season ended.

The two had made a pact to kill the one who was a bit, but this was a tough decision for Shanika. What made season 2 interesting was Shanika tussling the vampire alone and even learning things she did not know about her life. If the series returns for the second season, it will probably explore Shanika’s journey to not falling in the darkness she has inside her. It will also focus more on the decisions she will make and what the future has for Eleona.

Firebite Season 2 Cast:

The series plot centers on two hunters; therefore, if it gets renewed for the second season, we expect the two hunters, Rob Collins as Tyson ad Shantae Barnes as Shanika “Neeks,” to be back. Other casts that may back include Yael Stone as Eleona (the bartender), Callan Mulvey (Till Death) as Vampire King, Jai Kutra as Spud, Thibul Nettle as Froggy. Ngaire Pigram as Kitty Sinclair and Tessa as Aunt Marie. We may also stand a chance of seeing new casts in the upcoming series.

Firebite Season 2 Trailer:

Since the show creators are yet to renew the series for the second season, the trailer for the second season might or might never come. We have to cross our fingers, expecting that the series will be deemed good enough to get a second season and then a trailer as a sneak of what awaits you. If you loved te first season, there are a lot of shows with the same genre that you may find relatable. Stranger Things, Shadow and Bone, Warrior Nun, The Outpost, and The Witcher are some of the vast collections you may find thrilling.

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