Pitch Perfect Bumper Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Want To Know!

Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin is a highly-anticipated sequel to the popular Pitch Perfect series. The show, which follows the journey of a fictional all-female acapella group, has gained a massive following of fans eagerly waiting for season 2. The show’s first season premiered on November 23rd, and barely a month after it premiered, it got renewed for the second season. Now that we know that the show is coming for a season two, Here is everything we know.

Pitch Perfect Bumper Season 2 Release Date:

Unfortunately, a date for the second season is yet to be updated, and we have yet to determine just how soon the show will be available. We are still determining how many episodes the second season will consist of. The first season had six episodes, which could be the same for the second season or more. The show will be exclusively available on Peacock, and the approximate release date is 2024.

Pitch Perfect Bumper Season 2 Plot:

Pitch perfect show is a trilogy that follows talented female artists performing in different competitions. This new series follows Devine’s Character, Bumper Alen, who decides to kickstart his career in Germany after one of his songs goes viral. Soon enough, he realizes kickstarting his career is more than just a viral song. He will have to work to get to where he is to be. Unfortunately, we have yet to determine the second season plot, but it will pick up from where the first season ended.

Pitch Perfect Bumper Season 2 Cast:

Megan Amram acts as the show’s showrunner and executive producer alongside Elizabeth Banks, Scott Neimeyer, Paul Brooks, and Max Handelman. The show is played by beloved characters, including Bumper, played by Adam Devine, and the Bellas, played by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow. Erin Underhill, Universal Tvs President, said they are glad to be reuniting the fantastic teams and cannot wait to take the second season to greater heights. Other casts include Fula Borg, Lera Abav, and Ameela Jamil. With the series coming back for the second season, we expect all of the cast to be back. The show may also introduce new characters, adding even more excitement to the thrilling storyline.

Season 1 Review:

Decider chimes that Adam Devine and Sarag Hyland look good together, and watching them are refreshing. The two are major reasons you should stream the upcoming show. They also add that Adam and Sarah are what makes the show interesting, as apart from that, it is just as bland as any average show.

Pitch Perfect Bumper Season 2 Trailer:

The official trailer for Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin season 2 has yet to be made available, but fans can expect to see it soon as the release date draws near. If you didn’t watch the show’s first season and would love to, Check out the show on Peacock. Before investing your time and money, you can also check the trailer on Youtube to decide whether it is worth it. For fans of Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin, similar shows include Glee, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. These shows share the common themes of music, comedy, and strong female leads.


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