Reginald and the Vampire Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever seen a chubby vampire? The truth is that no series has chubby vampires and, to top it all, a chubby lead vampire protagonist. The stereotypical vampires are slim, sharp, and have the most eclectic tastes. Reginald the Vampire is, however, destined to be different. Created by Harley Peyton and based on a novel by Jonny B Truant, the series was released in 2022, just before the year ended. Now that the show has been renewed for the second season, here is everything you need to know.

Reginald and the Vampire Season 2 Release Date:

The first season of Reginald the Vampire got renewed by Syfy this year. It might be a while before the second season is available for streaming. The show’s first season was announced in 2021, and it was not until 2022 that the series premiered. The second season of the show could also release in 2024, based on how prepared the series creators will be

Reginald and the Vampire Season 2 Plot:

The show is based on Fat Vampire, a novel by Johnny B Truant. It tells the story of Reginald the Vampire, a boy who has been fat his whole life, He gets bullied and shunned for it, and he does not have a lot of friends to give his back. When he gets turned into a vampire. Nothing changes as he still gets bullied like he used to. He has to maneuver his way through life and learn to fight for himself. We are yet to determine the series’ second plot, but it will most certainly pick up from the season one ending.

Season 1 Review:

According to Decider, Reginald the Vampire takes a fresh perspective on vampire series, and it is not your usual show of corky lead vampires. Reginald is humble and willing to do anything to be accepted, which makes it more intriguing. They vouch for the series and advice it is worth streaming.

Reginald and the Vampire Season 2 Cast:

The series cast features Jacob Batalon, who plays Reginald, the Vampire, the series protagonist. Batalon has been featured in other series, including MCU Spiderman. Mandela Van Peebles plays Maurice Miler, Emily Haine as Sarah Kinney, Savannah Basley as Angela, Thailey Roberge, Marguerite Hanna as Ashley, Aren Buchholz and Todd, and Georgia Scarlet Waters as Penelope. So far, the second season cast is yet to be revealed, but we can already ascertain that Reginald the Vampire will be back to maneuvering his way through life. We might also see new faces, but all this will be revealed in time.

Reginald and the Vampire Season 2 Trailer:

A trailer for the upcoming series is yet to be released. We have yet to determine how soon the trailer will be available, but the year will not end before we see the Vampire on his adventures. The show has been speculated to be released in December 2023, and a trailer may be available either in November or early December. If you did not watch the show’s first season, consider going on Syfy.

The trailer is also available on YouTube if you want to know whether it is worth your time. On HBO, you can also stream several similar shows, including Interview with a Vampire.

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