David Letterman Grilled Up Kim Kardashian For Standing With Trump!

David Letterman, the famous American Television host star invites Kim Kardashian for its next episode in which she couldn’t say anything against Donald Trump. This reality TV star has faced a lot of praise and criticism in the past few years under the Trump government’s administration regarding the prison justice reform bill.

Her husband, Kanye West, launched his presidential campaign a few months back, which was also a topic in this episode. Dave Letterman’s fabulous show, “My next guest needs no introduction,” will be aired on Netflix incoming 21 October.

Her overall talk goes around her work with the Trump government in which she is showing support to Donald Trump and his prison reform bill.

Although she also stated that she would be so pleased to work with the next coming administrations and asked about reform under the current government, she admitted to having no idea what she has to say.

To clarify his question, Letterman added that she had done an excellent job, and her hard work doesn’t make him feel any better about the current administration. In response, she confessed to understand her point of view. Even though she was asked about her vote in the coming election, she remained silent and chose not to speak a single word about her decision.

In this first episode of the latest season of “My next guest needs no introduction” on Netflix, she talked more about her personal experience when her reputation was at stake. She had gone through various opinions of others like to enter the White House again, or standing will be shattered. In that situation, she also joined in white House and shared her experience working with the administration and the other two women.

Letterman also encouraged Kardashian to benefit Donald Trump for the long term and overwhelmed his work. In 2019 when she appealed for 63-year-old Alice Mary Johnson to secure his computation, the situation was quite different as Johnson spend around 21 years on a non-violent drug offense. She wanted from prison reform to reduce sentences for some inmates.

In March, she joined the company of Tynice Nichole Hall and Crystal Munoz with Alice Marie Johnson for the justice reform bill.

They even participated in a four-year training program to increase their advocacy efforts and be presentable by 2022. She also confirmed that she would not give up her current mission for any cause and felt incredibly grateful and focused on the prison justice reform bill.

Last week she backlashes when she shared a photo for her millions of fans on which she was highlighting her vote to her husband. As her husband, Kanye West, took part in a race of upcoming presidential elections on 4 July 2020.

Although she also missed some deadline to put his name on several States’ Ballot Drop Boxes, so he urges his fans to write her name on its behalf.

So it’s been very exciting to watch the upcoming episode of David Letterman’s renowned show “My next guest needs no introduction” on coming 21 October on not other than Netflix.

Have a watch. Till then, stay on our page for more latest updates.

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