Psychological Thriller ‘Rebecca’ 2020 Movie Reviews!!

Rebecca’s upcoming remake, written by Daphne du Maurier, is catching fire on 16 October 2020 in selective theatres. This ultimate romantic thriller movie will be going to air on 21 October 2020 by their Netflix streaming network.

Under the creation of Ben Wheatley, this British movie is featured by Lily James, Armie Hammer, and Kristin Scott Thomas. This 121-minute drama had a score of 5.75/10 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. And quite positive reviews from few critics.

Here if we talk more about the Storyline and audience reviews of this upcoming movie, Rebecca, the viewers found Hammer’s British accent quite hilarious in the film. On the other hand, Lily James seems to be a perfect lead actress for the movie. She is an upcoming star that impressed everyone by her fine performance in a few scenes. The Storyline is somehow said to be out of tone and a retarded Hollywood aspect as a whole.

Rebecca(2020) reminds you of Rebecca (1941), directed by Hitchcock and Selznick.

Perhaps it’s not a successful chance to retrace such a best movie of 1941. Rebecca depicted Hammer’s first wife, who died mysteriously, and it led to a ghost story that turns out to be in a romantic relationship.

Although it can hold more potential, the movie disappointed the audience by fleeting cinematography and more around female autonomy and sexuality. At the beginning of the movie, Lily James is introduced as a paid companion to Van Hopper, accompanied by Maxim de Winter, an old widower.

The story took place in a horror line when she got into marriage and entered Manderley’s home and took more ghost presence sentiments when Kristin Scott Thomas found Rebecca’s body. Rebecca(1941) was a pure masterpiece, but Rebecca 2020 can’t even be reached to the original movie’s theme.

Although it’s quite unfair to judge both the movies as the cast members and the Storyline is quite different. Still, as compared to the previous one, this is relatively low for the audiences. These movies failed to stand on much entertainment for the audience. If we talk about the acting, Hammer seems lost in a few performances. However, James’ performance was quite well but having a faint expression on her face like no lust, no hunger, no feel, and lack of chemistry in a few sex scenes.

The best-captured shot for their Sun kissed face was also not very fascinating. One more actress, Kristin Scott Thomas, is there in the movie in which her terror to behold and her obsession with the body of Rebecca with the strange smile is quite good.

Her performance is entirely fine in some scenes, and her character is quite appreciable by the audience. More importantly, we can conclude that Rebecca 2020 neither convinces the audience nor its characters’ fate at something worth watching for.

After all, it’s all our opinion, but you can watch this British romantic thriller drama on coming 21 October, Wednesday on Netflix.

Share your sentiments in the comments section below about how Rebecca(2020) stands out in your point of view. Till then, stay attuned with our page for more latest updates.

Sophia Wadke
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