Kirstie Alley States Joe Biden’s Racial Slurs Are ‘Pretty Constant’ As She Defends President Trump’s Voting!

Celebrities can play an important role in elections, and when the presidential elections are almost here, many famous celebrities are expressing their point of view. Recently we saw Shakina Nayfack raising her voice against NBC, Jennifer Lopez, and her husband encouraging Latinos to vote for the right person (Joe Biden). Now we have the Emmy winning actress, Kristie Alley, openly supporting Donald Trump and defending her decision to vote for him. On 18th October, Alley tweeted, stating that she had decided to support and vote for Donal Trump as he is not a politician. She added that it is nothing new, she voted for him four years ago, and she’s gonna do it again! Another reason she gave to support Donald Trump is that he can get things done quickly, and he can also turn the economy around.  

People didn’t even take a minute, and she started to receive bad words from people. Hannity invited her to his show so that she can tell people more about her decision and also to point out the backlash she received. She went to the show on Monday and stood firm on her decision to vote for Trump. 

Backlash Kristie Alley received:

Hannity praised Alley for her bravery as she came to the show even after listening to people’s bad things. People told her that she should “Rot in hell,” and she doesn’t “have a brain.” The people also attacked her religion, but Alley said that they always act this way and attack on these things. She added that people told her that she is fat, but that didn’t impact her much as she heard that for 40 years. Actress Patricia and Filmmaker Judd Apatow also criticized Alley. Patricia replied to Alley’s tweet that her vote Biden would cancel out Alleys! Alley went on tweeting that she has never experienced this much name-calling. 

Alley Defending Donald Trump:

Alley stated that in the history of America, politicians left their professions to serve their country. These people, including Donald Trump, has never been a politician before running for the elections, and after serving the country, they returned to their professions. 

Joe Biden Use Racial Slurs- Kristie Alley

After saying good things about Donald Trump, Alley started to criticize Trump’s rival, Joe Biden. Alley said that Joe Biden might be racist, as he continually says racial things. She backed up her statement by quoting the words of Joe Biden. Joe Biden once said that you are not Black. If you are not voting for me, Alley said that these constant gaffes show that he actually is a racist. Alley added that she also thought in the beginning that it might be by mistake, but no, it is pretty constant! Biden had even apologized for his words when he said that if you are having trouble figuring out who to vote, then you aren’t black! Alley noted that Biden is very racist, and he once said that the Latino community is a diverse community with a lot of different attitudes, unlike the African American community!.

What do you guys think? Is she right? Or wrong?

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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