Zoe Lister-Jones speaks on the pressure of rebooting ‘The Craft: Legacy’!

There is no doubt that the 90s were packed with incredible movies, and some of them are so popular that they have a special place in our hearts, take Titanic for an example. The Craft is one of the masterpieces of the 90s; the film literally has everything, teenage scandals, drama, prime goth fashion, romance, and horror, all packed in one movie. It has been 24 years since the movie’s release, and the film is getting a modern-day touch. Gear up for a new coven to rule your hearts as it is looking good!

“A challenge that terrified and thrilled me at the same time!”- Lister-Jones

It turns out that in the 90s, the Craft is very close to Lister’s heart, and the reason for that is she was also called a weirdo when she was a teenager. Lister told us that she was often described as a riot girl. When Lister was young, she had a shaved head, which made her feel like a weirdo; however, she watched it at a sleepover party when the Craft landed. Watching Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Rochelle (Rachel True), Sarah (Robin Tunney), and Bonnie (Neve Campbell) coming together and finding their selves, Lister found herself, and she pushed the boundaries. If you talk about her now , she has hair on her head and beautiful blue eyes sparkling on a face with a complexion so breath-taking, she could make filters insecure! And now this weirdo is rebooting the Craft franchise. 

Lister-Jones informed us that this film would introduce us to the next generation of teen witches. Being the writer and director of the movie, she is terrified because of the challenge, but at the same time, she is thrilled and enjoying the time of her life making the film. It is not a surprise that Lister was under pressure, I mean hampering with the beloved cult classic of everyone’s eyes were on her. Lister told the fans that she wanted the film to build a reputation for itself, stand on its own, but she also wanted to give a nostalgic hit to the viewers. That is why there are many Easter eggs in the Craft: Legacy.

The Craft: Legacy- What is it about? 

The film’s protagonist is named Lily, played by Caily Spaeny; she moves to a new town and a new school. She had a tough time fitting in there, but she then met a different kind of friend group. These people were slightly different from the others; more than clubbing, they like to make visits to the woods to practice some new spells. The film spotlights the theme of female empowerment and friendship. Lister told us that Lily’s life mirrors her own as she was also a weirdo and had a group of friends that were with her in difficult times. Lister added that the story becomes all the more female when witchcraft Is added to it.

Why The Craft: Legacy?

When Lister was asked about why she is rebooting the Craft, she answers that we all are craving some comfort at this moment in history. She added that adolescence is not really comfortable for many of us, and revisiting the titles from the past can provide us some comfort at that time. So, she picked the title, which had a significant impact on people, and it was way ahead of its time. Lister said that it is essential to explore the contemporary themes of the movie, and now she is setting the story in today’s world, highlighting the current issues of society.

The Craft: Legacy is all set to hit the screens on 28th October 2020. Judging by the movie trailer, fans are not very happy as, according to them, it could ruin the image of the original film.

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