The Secrets of the Greco Family Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Information That You Must Know!

Netflix has been developing shows based on serial killers, and the newly released crime series, The Secrets of the Greco Family Season, is based on the Puccio Family. The Puccio Family was an Argentine crime family that kidnapped, tortured, and murdered people for ransom. It comprised the mother, father, and five siblings, who seemed normal but were criminals behind closed doors. The series’ first season was released on Netflix and had been doing well. With the soaring reviews, hopes for a second season are abundant. Here is everything we know about the second season of the Greco Family series.

The Secrets of the Greco Family Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

We are still determining how soon the Greco series will be released. But it will not be anytime soon. The show’s first season premiered on the 4th of November, and we are still determining whether the series will get a renewal. From the show’s rating on IMDB, a second season of the show is possible. A perfect release date for the Greco show’s second season is 2024.

The Secrets of the Greco Family Season 2 Plot: What should fans expect?

The plot of the Greco Family explores a family that seems perfect from the normal lens but has a hidden agenda. An economic crisis strikes, and the family business is affected. With the father mastering the art of deception, he has to do what he got to do, even if it means cutting off heads. The family has to keep kidnapping wealthy families and use their ransom money as a stepping stone to maintaining their high status in society. The kidnapped individuals are tortured if a person gets kidnapped and cannot pay the ransom. We do not know the second season plot, but we are sure it will pick up from where the Greco family season one ended.

The Secrets of the Greco Family Season 2 Cast: Who will be returning?

The series protagonist is Fernando Colunga, who plays Aquiles Greco, the psychopathic middle-aged family man; He is famous for premiering in shows; like Real Love, Marimar, Esmeralda, Pasion, and Alborada. Other casts include Lisa Owen, Manuel masala, Luis Machin, Rafael Ferro, Antonio de la Vega, Delfina Chaves, Ivan Esche, Camila Flamenco, Carola Reyna, Ernesto Claudio, Eliseo Barrionuevo, Roberta Damien, and many others. If the series gets renewed for the second season, then you should expect all of the cast to be back and reprising their roles.

The Secrets of the Greco Family Season 1 Review:

According to Decades Life, the plot of the series is masterly crafted, and if you are a lover of true crime series, you should take advantage of the upcoming show. The series already has a 6.4/10 on IMDB, which translates that the series is good enough.

The Secrets of the Greco Family Season 2 Trailer: When can we expect it?

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer for the second season of the Greco family series, and we are still determining how soon it will be. The series was released not less than a fortnight ago, and knowing whether it will get renewed for the second season is a hard call, But in case it does get renewed, the earliest you should expect the second season of the show is by 2023. If you did not watch the show’s first season, you could do so on Netflix.

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