Coco Bliss: TikTok Star, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth

Coco Bliss is a famous TikTok star known for her lipsyncs to trending songs and dance videos. One of her videos, set to the song “WAP” as the background, was very popular on TikTok and received over 30 million views. Read on for information about her family, age, boyfriend, and net worth.

Coco Bliss: Early Life

Full Real Name Cholee Land
Profession Internet Personality
Date Of Birth July 30th, 2001
Age 21
Birthday July 30th
Year Of Birth 2001
Nick Name Coco Bliss
Current Residence Miami, Florida
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

The TikToker has been crazy about dancing since childhood. Hence, Coco was happy to graduate from school early so she could start a career in social media. Her birthday is on July 30th, and she is a Leo.

Coco Bliss Family:

Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brothers Unknown

Her media name and personal life always intrigue people. Interestingly, Coco’s real name is Cholee Land. She is from Miami, Florida, and has a younger brother. Coco is an American of White ethnicity.

Having been born into a well-to-do family, Cholee grew up receiving much love and affection from her parents. Once, she revealed her parents met all her needs during her upbringing. 

Though we are aware of these facts, the identities of her parents and siblings are still unknown. But we will update the post as soon as we have more information.

Coco Bliss Social Media:


Since she enjoys exposing her skills and good looks, Coco remains active on several sites besides TikTok. She has a lot of stunning videos and images on her Instagram account, which has 290,000 followers. Further, she gained 3 million followers on Twitter thanks to her activities.

Like Coco, TikTok has many talented style icons, such as Anthony Reeves, Immy Nunn, Jasmine Chiswell, and Sora Simons.

Coco Bliss Physical Stats:

Weight In Lbs 132
Height In Feet 5\’3\”
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue

Can anyone look more beautiful than Coco Bliss with those curly locks and an hourglass figure? She is gorgeous, as seen in her Instagram pictures.

With body measurements of 34-25-35 inches, Coco looks stunning. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches, and her weight is 132 lbs. 

People often inquired about whether she had undergone a BBL, and Coco admitted to having breast implants. The surgery has helped augment her appearance, and if you want to check out Coco’s before-surgery looks, many are on TikTok.

Coco Bliss Education: 

Highest Qualification Diploma
College Unknown
High School Local High School, Miami, Florida

Bliss completed her schooling and diploma in her hometown, Florida.

Coco Bliss Personal Life:

Marital Status single
Partner Name TikTok star Memphis (ex)
Relationship Status Not Dating

She dated iLoveMemphis, also a popular TikTok star whose real name is Richard Maurice Colbert. But a drama that went viral on TikTok, showing verbal fights between the two, confirmed there is trouble in paradise. Further, in an interview, Coco confirmed her breakup with ilovememphis. 

The duo collaborated on many TikTok videos when all was well. But now Coco and Memphis are no longer together. 

After the split with Memphis, there are rumors of her dating Swagboyq, but Coco does not wish to explain this. Also, Coco has never been married and is currently single.

Coco Bliss Career:

Coco opened her TikTok account in March 2020. And since then, she has been creating content focusing mostly on lipsyncing. Her dance moves inspire everybody, and as a result, she gained millions of fans on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. What’s more, she owns a modeling agency named Bleubaemodels.

Coco Bliss Net Worth: 

Net worth measures a person’s total fortune. As of 2023, Coco Bliss’s net worth is around $900,000. Being a career-minded girl, she generates income from running her modeling agency, advertising campaigns, and, for good measure, social media.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Coco Bliss’s Age?

She is 21 years old right now. She was born on July 30th, 2001, and is a Leo.

What does Coco Bliss Do?

Coco creates content on several social media platforms and is popular on TikTok for her lipsyncing videos. Besides, she runs her modeling agency and does advertising campaigns.

Is Coco Bliss Mixed?

No, Coco Bliss is not mixed, but a Caucasian and an American.

Is Coco Bliss and Memphis Still Together?

No, Coco Bliss and Memphis are no longer together. A viral drama on TikTok showed verbal fights between the two. Also, in another TikTok video, Coco confirmed her breakup with ilovememphis. 

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