20 Best Cartoon Couples of TV History, Ranked !

The best cartoons aren’t just for kids. Sure, most great animated shows end up entertaining the younger set with their fantastic storylines and colorful characters, but older viewers can also enjoy the fun. Here’s a record of The Top 20 Best Cartoon Couples of TV History.

Fans of animation can trace the story of the mate-swapping way back to the days when Flintstones met the Jetsons. Modern takes on old formulas get Jimmy Neutron to charm away Kim Possible’s heart. For the gay couple, there were standard-bearers like Queer Duck and The Simpsons’ own Mr. Burns getting hitched or even Rocky and Bullwinkle finding love at last. US Cartoon Network fans narrowed it down for you anyway to twenty pairings that are the best cartoon couples of all time.

This is my top twenty list of best cartoon couples. These are just the couples that I like. Feel free to comment with any you think should have made it in! Enjoy!

1. Bob and Linda Belcher from ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Bob and Linda Belcher could not serve the healthiest food in their restaurant, but they have one of the healthiest relationships from any cartoon couple on this list. The Belcher family’s intrinsic patriarch, and enthusiastic matriarch, are also unbelievable parents for her strange three of children, whether they support Tina’s dream of becoming an author of erotic friendly fiction or whether they are enduring a different one of Gene’s odd keypads with fart-noises and texts, which are insulting to his listeners. Yet, take a problem boy like the ever sore sparrow that Louise is, and the parents are so patient. It is remarkable.

Bob and Linda Belcher

2. Fred and Wilma, Betty and Barney from ‘The Flintstones’

Let’s take it back to an era when dinosaurs and humans walked around the planet together for these two pairings (the young earth’s creationists must be huge fans of “Flintstones.” Fred and Barney are probably responsible for the popular trend in pairing troublesome overweight men with thin and patient women. However, it is still fun to watch barefoot but see how many problems they can cause in Bedrock, although they may not be the best husbands. Interestingly enough, many episodes of Flintstone appear to divide their two beloved couples.

Fred and Wilma, Betty and Barney

3. Popeye and Olive Oyl from ‘Popeye the Sailor.’

Another of the oldest cartoon pairs of TV, but this strange-looking pair demonstrates that longevity is not equal to stability. Olive Oyl and her spinach-obsessed champion have a fair share of issues, namely the tendency of Olive Oyl to run out of brutal blood. In addition, when Bluto takes her away instead of wooing her, Popeye has to occasionally rescue the olive of her eye. Finally, it remains a mystery what the men saw in the flaky beanpole of the day Bella Swan.

Popeye and Olive Oyl

4. George and Jane Jetson from ‘The Jetsons’

The Jetsons’ creators did not imagine a future in which both parents had to work only to reach their ends. Fortunately for Jane, her husband often complained of her workload and had to hang up all day by pressing a button occasionally. Space Age persuades – including a robot maid – that she has little to do about housework. However, by spending her days spending the paycheck from her husband, Jane managed to create her full-time work.

George and Jane Jetson

5. The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from ‘Venture Bros.’

Since Venture Bros. first displayed over a decade and a half before, this vile pair has been through so much. When Dr. Girlfriend was known, the baritone voice of the Bombshell brunette served as a trusty, busy sidekick for her giant butterfly man. However, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch finally took power as a member of The Thirteen Council, while the totem poles of villainy were flown down to low-level five arches by his husband. It’s not easy to marry your boss, especially if you have to keep some huge secrets from each other, including other identities, for your respective positions.

The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

6. Jerry and Beth Smith from ‘Rick and Morty’

In contrast to the Monarchs, who always enjoy seeing whether their interests match or not, the parents of Morty Smith become insufferable whenever they face some conflict. The marriage of Jerry and Beth is always about to fall apart, but I’d like to look at them the most if they don’t bicker. I wish she could always ship him away to Jerryboree every time insecure Jerry starts whining at his wife. On rare occasions, when Jerry and Beth decide to stop each other, they can perform great things, such as surviving together in a post-apocalyptic world with horrible human bug hybrids or stopping murderous Meseeks by improving Jerry’s golf game.

7. Marge and Homer Simpson from ‘The Simpsons’

One of the longest TV couples is certainly worth a spot on this list to demonstrate that the conventional anime character pairing of a foolish, clever woman can stand the test of time. I realize, however, that most of the women who enter these incompatible marriages become mothers who are at home, something that may have to do with why they stay there.

Marge and Homer Simpson

8. Joker and Harley Quinn from ‘Batman: The Animated Series

Harley and her loved “Mr.J” are certainly among the best snug couples in carton history, although the exciting episodes that the snug blonde has abandoned the green-haired gon for the green-like Poison Ivy might be preferred by some fans of Batman. Star Wars star Mark Hamill and soap opera star Arleen Sorkin have given incredible voice acting to everyone’s favorite evil romance. Of course, Harley et al.The Joker’s relationship could have been as toxic as Mr. J’d fallen in the early stages of his criminal career with the vat of chemicals, but that did not stop a younger generation of viewers from coming into love with the crazy clown and slaughtered sidekick.

Joker and Harley Quinn

9. Leela and Fry from ‘Futurama’

This is one of the many cartoon character pairs here with incompatible mental abilities, but Fry’s brains and physical abilities make him more than sweet. The boy who delivered pizza from the past made the one-eyed, purple-haired mutant almost immediately aware of what she loved, Fry, for being such a loyal and caring guy. It took a long time for the hard, kick-happy captain of the Planet Express. After a suicide attempt, losing one of Leela’s hands, and several mini-spring trials back in the day, Futurama’s fans finally saw a couple live together in a frozen world.

Leela and Fry

10. Kif and Amy from ‘Futurama.’

This is one of the best cartoon pairs of various forms of life. The second Futurama pair to compose this list is the spoilt girl of rich Amy and the slimy, sensitive Kif of captain Zaff Brannigan, the poor, perpetually nervous. Maybe they were one of the strangest TV groups ever, but the hot chick and the little green man had been hiping relations between men and aliens long before Avatar came with them.

Kif and Amy

11. Saddam Hussein and Satan from ‘South Park.’

The tangled minds of the creators of South Park are one of the evilest television pairs ever. Saddam is abusive and dominant in the relationship, and his bad behavior finally leads to the disappearance of the match in Hell. Satan ultimately banishes a deceased dictatorship from heaven to stop Saddam from breaking his heart again. Perhaps not the most aspiratory relationship in this list, but simply for being such an unexpected, absolutely insane pairing, they are worthy of mention.

12. Cosmo and Wanda from ‘Fairly Odd Parents’

The Fairly Odd Parents’ wand-bearing stars are another pair of cartoons here, a smarter woman with an idiocies guy. Sadly, his sloppy partner can execute magic, making it much harder for the husband to sit. When she is not always alert, her husband could only blow up another dwarf planet or destroy Atlantis (again).

Cosmo and Wanda

13. Aang & Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender

We have been fans of Aang and Katara and, of course, Zuko ever since the first Avatar series came to Nickelodeon. We believe that all of them are cool and love how in each episode they play. It was sad to see that Aang and Katara said well because we know it meant another great end for the next Avatar season. An air bender called Korra and a few other characters still exist, but we will love it, never mind. When his whole world changed, Aang was just a child. The family of Aang risks their lives to flee from one country to another after his father’s untimely death.

Aang & Katara

14. Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne from ‘Batman: The Animated Series

Like Romeo and Juliet, their star-crossed relationship draws fans to this superhero and super-villain couple. When their black masks are off, the civilized pair could be in the same social circles, but they are on the opposing views of the law when the darkness falls. The Dark Knight’s insistence on being the dogooder and the obligation for Catwoman to steal expensive objects could lead to their unbelief in a long-term cooperation. Still, for those who grew up looking at Batman: the animated series, the bat and the cat will always be purrhect pairs.

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne

15. Cleveland Brown and Donna Tubbs from ‘The Cleveland Show.’

After what he had done to his first philandering wife, Cleveland Brown deserved a good woman’s love and returned to his hometown of Stoolbend when he reconnected with his crushed secondary school. Cleveland is a gentle and easy-going guy who cares about his stepchildren, but Cleveland’s hands-off parenting style does not always work when you talk about three children of his previous marriage. Fortunately, Donna is a nonsense woman who works hard to keep her family on track – though sometimes it means treating a husband’s rather lazy manchild as one of their kids.

Cleveland Brown and Donna Tubbs

16. Sterling Archer and Lana Kane from ‘Archer.’

Again, this out of pair of two secret agents is like steroids like ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’ It is difficult for Lana, who is obsessed with sex, to talk to Lana without distracting herself by “phrasing,” and she is insane that her playboy partner takes nothing seriously. It probably also doesn’t help Sterling’s obsessed and sloshed himself most of the time. Moreover, his fake voice emails are very irritating. Archer finally seemed serious about something as a parent, but Who knows what the manchild will be like at the end of his wonderful journey through several dream worlds?

Sterling Archer and Lana Kane

17. Ruby and Sapphire from ‘Steven Universe.’

This couple had everybody beat in terms of longevity — Ruby and Sapphire had over 5,750 years together. In Alabama, Steven Universe had made cartooning history with his sweet lesbian wedding before Arthur was banned for having a homosexual marriage. The LGBTQ Community had a long-standing celebration of Cartoon Network for its acceptance and inclusion message, but the series is not aimed solely at LGBTQ children, desperately needing more representation on TV; its dynamic characters and fascinating stories attract all viewers.

Ruby And Sapphire

18. Nick and Diane Birch from ‘Big Mouth.’

These Netflix parents are so supportive about puberty that they often take much more of an attempt to make their kids feel like they are and accept them. However, poor Nick Birch needs everything to achieve; his teens are “walking in chaos,” and his alien baby hormone monster and Duke Ellington’s promiscuous ghost are the only “people” he can turn to for advice on surviving puberty. Elliot and Diane also tend to talk about their sexual lives before their children, but it ultimately pays off to raise their children in a household filled with love and a positive attitude.

19. Beast Boy and Raven from The Teen Titans

The Teen Titans Beast Boy and Raven, the award-winning animation series from the Cartoon Network about a team of teenage superheroes from all over the world. Beast Boy and Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven are part of Robin’s team. They learn together about friendship, trust, responsibility, and the fight against evil and the world’s salvation. Beast Boy is a form shifter who can turn into an animal shape or anything he thinks of. To save money on gas, go green? For nothing, they’re not calling him Beast Boy. He becomes a Tyrannosaurus Rex and sits in the city!

Beast Boy and Raven

20. Star & Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

The Teen Titans Beast Boy and Raven, the Cartoon Network’s award-winning animation series on an international Teenagers’ Superhelon team. Robin’s team includes Beast Boy and Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven. They learn from each other about the struggle against evil and world salvation, friendship, confidence, responsibility. Beast Boy is a form shifter who can become or think of an animal form. Go green to save gas money? They don’t call him Beast Boy because of anything. It’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and he’s in town!

Star & Marco


So, this is our ultimate list of best cartoon couples is arranged from number one to twenty in this infographic, which contains all the couples you love. You will also find the images of these adorable cartoons and see if they are the most famous animated pairs to ever be on TV.

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