‘Aj and the Queen’ Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates! Is This The End Of This Comedy Series?

Unfortunately for all fans of this comedy series, Netflix has officially canceled the production of this RuPaul led comedy series. 

‘Aj and the Queen’ concluded season one with ten epic episodes. This episode got encouraging positive reviews after it debuted on January 10, 2020.

This story focuses on Red Ruby- Robert Lee, whose boyfriend dashes off with all his life savings leaving him stranded. With the money gone, Ruby’s dream of opening a drag club is also tossed in the trash.

In a bid to start afresh, Robert decides to take a cross-country drag tour, unaware of AJ’s existence in the back of his RV. Throughout the ten episodes long tour, Robert and AJ bond and develop a beautiful father and daughter bond as they faced lots of obstacles together.

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Reason For Cancelation:

On the 6th of March 2020, the series was canceled on the year of its debut. The ongoing controversies regarding the tv series are expected to be the cause of the cancellation.

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Release Date: When will be air?

Initially, this show has been canceled, which means there was no release date. Although this series attracted a lot of fans and positive reviews, it had a very low critic rate from the audience.

We were only hoping Netflix decides to have a change of heart, or the show will get renewed by another company. Firstly, the possible release date would be mid-2021 as the production would be affected by the pandemic. Now, there’s news that this season would release on Jan 7, 2022.

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

There is also no trailer for season 2 for fans who have waited thus far. Quite heartbreaking, If any news will come about the second season, we would keep you updated but right now, we can only take a look at the first season’s trailer.

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

This comedy series had a lot of stars who worked hard to make season 1 successful, and it would be unjust not to mention them. RuPaul Charles as Robert Lee the movie centers around this character. After being robbed by her boyfriend, Rupal goes on a journey of self-recovery and somehow ends up with AJ as Izzy G, Tia Career as Lady Danger, Michael Leon Wobley as Louis aka Cocoa Butter, Katerina Tannenbaum as Brianna Josh Segarra. 

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Cast

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Possible Plot: What will happen?

Unfortunately, this series has been officially canceled initially, there would be no plot for season 2. If for some reason, this show gets back on screen, it may be a bit focused on AJ. Brianna and AJ may reconcile as it was pretty obvious in Season 1 the feud between the mother and child pair. Robert Lee should be able to move on from his past disappointments and find a new dream or mission in life.

The first season follows the journey of Ruby Red, who wants to become the drug Queen in the whole US.

Her path crosses with AJ who tags along on her journey through the US. The bond between Robert and AJ greatly improves, and Robert feels they could be more than friends- more like father and son.

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