House of Cards Season 7 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Much More!!!

Are you a politics enthusiast and adore movies that relate to the same? Then you better watch the House of Cards if you haven’t already. House of Cards is a popular series that explores the intricate details pertaining the American Presidential politics. The series premiered in 2013 and was received with great aura and enthusiasm. Since then, it has grown to attract a huge fan base for six seasons that have been aired already and a total of 73 episodes.

It’s a fantastic series that you should watch. The show House of Cards received resounding approval from the public. House of Cards has not yet been renewed for a seventh season. The series is currently working towards the release of season 7, which will be released soon. 

However, we anticipate that it will be revived soon. Perhaps the seventh season of House of Cards will also receive a positive response from viewers.

The seventh season of House of Cards is eagerly anticipated by all House of Cards fans. To learn everything there is to know about the seventh season of House of Cards, read the entire article.

House of Cards Season 7 Release Date:

House of Cards Season 7 Release Date

According to the word that has been going around, season 7 might actually not be released. In 2017, Netflix renewed the series for season 6 and announced that that would be the last season for the series. It’s been three years of waiting for positive news from the production team. It’s still unknown whether Netflix and creators of the show will be serenaded by the fans’ requests for another season. Until then, we can just remain hopeful of a comeback. 

So, it’s now official that there won’t be a season seven of House of Cards, according to the creators. It is bad news for all the fans who have been waiting impatiently to hear any good news in this global pandemic.

House of Cards Season 7 canceled:

The series aired Season 6 in November 2018, and this might sadly be the last season for the show. In 2019, Anthony Rapp made accusations of the lead actor, Spacey, apparently making sexual moves on him. At that time, Anthony was only 14. Apparently, word has it that Netflix canceled the series as it considered the allegations quite gross. 

The producers have confirmed that House of Cards will not return for a seventh season. It is disappointing news for all the fans who have been hoping for some positive news in the midst of this global outbreak.

House of Cards Season 7 Cast:

House of Cards Season 7 Cast

If season 7 gets released, we can only hope that the previous seasons’ actors will come back to the show. However, we may not be sure of the lead actor Kevin Spacey’s probability of returning. The rest of the actors that we would expect to show up include;

  • Robin Wright plays Claire Underwood
  • Constance Zimmer plays of Janine Skorsky
  • Sebastian Arcelus plays of Lucas Goodwin
  • Michael Kelly plays the Douglas “Doug” Stamper
  • Kate Mara (A Teacher) plays the Zoe Barnes
  • Michel Gill plays the Garrett Walker
  • Kristen Connolly (Deep Water) plays the Christina Gallagher
  • Boris McGiver plays the Tom Hammerschmidt

House of Cards season 7 Storyline:

The series revolves around a congressman named Frank Underwood. Frank is a Democrat from South Carolina. He, together with his wife Claire Underwood they is very ambitious in American politics. Unfortunately, Frank is not appointed for the secretary of state position, and this makes him together with his wife form an elaborate plan to attain power. Overall, the series explores the themes of deception, manipulation, power, corruption, and pragmatism. 

There is no new information or updates on the plot of the seventh season of House of Cards. The storyline of the series House of Cards appears to be continuing in the seventh season of House of Cards.

We’ll update this about the House of Cards Season 7 plot.

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