Anatomy of a Scandal: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And more!

After HBO’s Big Little Lies, David E Kelley is now landing a new series on Netflix. Netflix revealed the information in May 2020, and since then, the questions about the show are in the air. It is an adaptation of a best-selling novel of the same name written by Sarah Vaughan in 2017. We are assuming that the series will focus on different scandals in different seasons. The first season will be about a person whose life changed when he was accused of a serious crime. What was that? And when can you watch it? Let’s talk about it in a bit more detail. 

The show discusses some crucial issues and vices that are prevailing in society. Marriage is also one of the show’s major themes, also representing the importance of trust between individuals.

Anatomy of a Scandal Release date: When will it air?

It has been almost four months since Netflix greenlit the crime show. Sarah Vaughan is as excited about the show as we are, and she has been very active on Twitter to let the fans know about the updates. However, the Anatomy of a Scandal is still in the early development stage, and recently we got to see the cast members. The show will have six episodes, and each episode will be of sixty minutes.

Considering the current situation due to pandemics; the pace of production might get affected. Production will begin in November 2020 at Shepperton Studios, United Kingdom. According to our estimate, the filming will finish in twenty weeks, which means that we can expect the show only in or after the fall of 2022.  

Viewers will be pleased to learn that there is some positive news. On Netflix on April 15, the limited series will premiere. On April 15, 2022, Netflix will release all six episodes of Anatomy of a Scandal for streaming.

Anatomy of a Scandal Plot: What exactly is it about?

The show is packed with suspense, and it revolves around the marriage of Westminster politician, James Whitehouse, and Sophie. This high-ranking politician is accused of rape. His wife trusts him and is convinced that he didn’t commit the crime. On the other hand, the prosecutor thinks that James is guilty and deserves to be behind bars.

The situation gets worse when this becomes a public scandal. You can expect some courtroom drama in the show. So, did James commit the unforgivable crime? Will he be punished for the heinous crime? Or is he innocent, and the trust of his wife will remain intact? We are gonna have to wait to find out the rest of the story but if you don’t want to wait, go grab that book

Anatomy of a Scandal Cast: Who is in it?

Netflix has officially announced the cast. Rupert Friend is playing James Whitehouse, who is accused, and his career and reputation are on the line. We have Sienna Miller as Sophie Whitehouse; she is a wife and a mother of two kids. She had no idea what’s about to happen, and her happy life is about to turn into not so happy one.

The third important character is Michelle Dockery, as Kate Woodcroft. She is the criminal barrister who will handle this case. David E. Kelley (Goliath) and Mellissa Gibson are the creators and showrunners; they are also the executive producers of the show. Other than these two, Steve Hutensky, Clarkson, Chasin for 3dot, and Vaughan are co-executive producers.

Anatomy of Scandal Trailer: When can we watch it?

Unfortunately, we don’t. Filming of the show has not begun yet. We do not expect to get any official video of the show in 2020. Netflix might drop a trailer a few weeks before the release, so you can expect the trailer one month before its actual release date.

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