Abby Franke: YouTube Star, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth

Abby Franke is a social media star and one of the six children featured in the YouTube channel 8 Passengers, hosted by her parents, Kevin and Ruby Franke. There are more than 2.2 million subscribers to the channel.

YouTube is home to several impeccable talents. Several well-known YouTube sensations have captivated audiences worldwide, such as VitaKaden RoqueBeauty ChickeeZhongJill Hudson, and Agent 00.

Abby Franke Early Life:

Full Real Name Abby Franke
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth April 14th, 2007
Age 15
Birthday April 14th
Year Of Birth 2007
Current Residence Utah
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Abby was born in Utah into a well-to-do family as the third child of her parents. She holds the attention of her followers despite infrequently appearing in her family vlogs and undoubtedly had a part in helping the channel gain over 2.2 million members. Proudly, Abby is also a member of her family’s online store, which features a sizable selection of distinctive apparel and accessories.

Abby Franke Family:

Father Kevin Franke
Mother Ruby Franke
Brothers Chad and Russell Franke
Sisters Eve, Julie, and Shari Franke

Abby Franke is Kevin and Ruby Franke’s third-oldest child. Shari and Chad are her older siblings, and Julie, Russell, and Eve are her younger siblings. Ruby, her mother, loves to wear cosmetics. Her father, Kevin, ensures that the videos posted to their channel entertain their viewers.

Abby Franke Controversy:

Ruby and Kevin Franke, who own the YouTube channel 8 Passengers, were the subject of a deluge of rumors and accusations in 2020. To support allegations of child abuse, YouTube channels, and TikTokers used a video of Franke’s oldest son, Chad, discussing sleeping on a beanbag.

Also, they combed through the family’s earlier tapes for proof of abuse. Ruby and Kevin, however, claimed that there was more to Chad’s narrative than what had been revealed in the video that was pulled out of context.

When Chad was 17, he moved out, probably because he was expelled. Shari, the eldest Franke daughter, has also severed ties with her parents and siblings.

That’s not all. Recently, there have been speculations about Abby’s parent’s divorce owing to Kevin’s absence from the media. The couple hasn’t spoken about their divorce, leaving the netizens wondering whether the allegations about their divorce are true. But the couple is taking some time off social media.

Abby Franke Education:

High School Public School, Utah

Abby switched to a private school in Utah in 2018 from a public school. She enjoys harp playing a lot and has been studying the instrument since she was young. The harp’s appearance originally drew Abby in, and she thought harp music was incredibly beautiful.

Abby Franke Career:

Over 800 million people have viewed Abby’s family’s YouTube channel. It is Abby’s charm that makes the channel so successful. While her future in social media seems very bright, she is currently focusing on her studies.

Abby has also expressed that, as she grows up, she wants to teach harp lessons and even become an art teacher.

Abby Franke Net Worth:

Abby’s parents are millionaires, but she is still too young to manage money and live a luxurious lifestyle. The combined net worth of their channel is $1.7k-$26.7k, according to certain web sources.

Abby Franke Physical Stats:

Weight In Lbs 99 lbs
Height In Feet 5\\\’2\\\”
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel

Abby is extremely beautiful, with a cute smile. She is about 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 45 kg. Abby has an athletic lifestyle and excels at gymnastic maneuvers. As a result, she can always maintain her physical fitness and appearance. She also enjoys playing basketball and other cardio exercises, like outside sports.

Abby Franke Personal Life:

Marital Status single
Relationship Status Not Dating

Abby is single and focuses on her work and studies. But in a video titled “Get to Know Abby: The Girl Next Door,” Abby disclosed she had been crushing on someone since 2015, which shows she may have been involved with someone. However, we need more information to comment on her love life. We will update the post when she dates someone.

Abby is a private person. She values her alone time as much as spending time with her family. Abby frequently slips away and naps when the entire family is involved in an activity.

Abby Franke Social Media Presence:


Every day, Abby records vlogs and uploads them to the channel with the help of her parents and siblings. She has appeared in many vlogs, documenting their daily lives and activities. Almost 2.2 million people subscribed to her channel, featuring videos with over a million views. The “8 Passengers” official Instagram feed has her depicted on it. More than 497K people follow her Instagram account.


What is Abby Franke’s Age?

Abby Franke is 15 years old. She was born on April 14, 2007.

What does Abby Franke’s Mother, Ruby Franke, do?

Ruby Franke is ConneXions certified mental fitness trainer. She is married to Kevin Franke and is the mother of six amazing kids. Ruby contributes content to ConneXions’ podcasts and social media channels, emphasizing empowering parents and kids to live in the truth.

Is Abby Frank a Twin?

Some confuse Abby and Julie Franke, her younger sister, for twins. And, as she does not want to share the same birthday as her, Abby dislikes it when people say it to her.

Did Kevin and Ruby Divorce?

No, Kevin and Ruby Franke have not divorced. The couple is just taking some time off social media.

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