Landon Clifford: Family, Relationship, Career, and Net Worth

Landon Clifford was a notable YouTuber and Social Media Personality. As of his death, Landon Clifford had a net worth of $1 Million. His online presence included not only YouTube but also Twitch. So, now let’s discuss Landon Clifford’s life and net worth.

Landon Clifford Early Life:

Landon was born in Lee County, North Carolina, US, on 17 February 2001. He was raised in a middle-class Christian family. Unfortunately, he passed away on 19 August 2020.

Landon Clifford Education:

Landon Clifford attended a Local School in the United States for his primary and secondary education. It had been a while since he had applied to any of the schools. He was a good kid who spent a lot of time as a kid making videos for YouTube.

Landon Clifford Family:

Landon Clifford’s parents are both educators; her dad, Mr. Clifford, is a classroom teacher, and her mom, Mrs. Clifford, is a private tutor. 

Landon Clifford Zodiac Sign:

Landon Clifford was born in Lee County, North Carolina, US, on 17 February 2001  and was 19 at her death on 19 August 2020. Moreover, as per our research, Landon’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Landon Clifford Physical Stats:

Landon Clifford was a charismatic, good-looking guy. He stood about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed about 72 kilograms. The man was handsome, both in face and body.

Landon Clifford Relationship Status:

Camryn Clifford is his wife, a popular YouTuber and social media star. He’s also a father of two. Delilah Rose Clifford and Collette Briar Clifford are the names of his two daughters. 

Landon Clifford Career:

Landon Clifford rose to prominence as a notable YouTuber and Social Media Personality. He started in the industry thanks to the video-sharing website YouTube. Cam&Fam was the name of his YouTube channel, where he and his wife, Camryn Clifford, shared home videos of their family life. He uploaded videos to a second channel on YouTube under the name coolcam1009. Clifford2001 was also the name of his Twitch account. More than 1.2 million people subscribed to his channel. In addition to appearing on OKbaby and Oscar Morales, two of the most popular YouTube channels at the time, he was featured on several others during his teenage years.

Landon Clifford’s Social Appearance:

Landon Clifford is also active on various social media platforms. You can track Landon on the following portals: [Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok].

Landon Clifford’s Net Worth:

The market value of an individual or organization’s asset is known as his net worth, and Landon Clifford’s wealth equals the value of his assets. In addition, you have heard a lot about Landon Clifford and are intrigued by the rumors surrounding Landon’s wealth. It has been estimated that Landon Clifford is worth around 1 Million dollars.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is Landon Clifford?

Landon Clifford is a notable YouTuber and Social Media Personality.

Q2. Who is the spouse of Landon Clifford?

Landon Clifford is engaged to .

Q3. What is the net worth of YouTuber Landon Clifford?

The net worth of Landon Clifford is USD 1 Million.

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