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Chad Franke became famous after being featured on their family YouTube channel, ‘8 Passengers’, along with his parents and six siblings. The channel posts interesting vlogs videos portraying the family’s everyday life, including their trips, birthday celebrations, shopping, etc. Many videos posted on the channel only features Chad. Starting from his introduction, Chad has been featured in several videos, in which he has spoken about topics like his first crush, the onset of puberty, shopping for Valentine’s Day, etc. He regularly posts videos about his daily routine and has taken up several challenges that have gone viral on social media. His family has collaborated in some videos with ‘The Ohana Culture,’ another family YouTube channel posting similar videos. 

Chad Franke Early Life:

Full Real Name Chad Franke
Family Name Franke
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth February 2nd, 2005
Age 17 years old
Birthday February 2nd
Year Of Birth 2005
Nick Name Chad
Current Residence Springville, Utah
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity

Chad was born on 2nd February 2005 in Seattle, WA. Later the family moved to Utah. He regularly attends the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Chad was named after his maternal grandfather. 

Chad is an avid football fan and dreams of playing for ‘Washington Huskies.’ He has played flag football for 2 years and wanted to switch to tackle football. 

He loves his mother’s homemade food and is also a pizza lover. In addition, his favorite french fries are from Jake’s Brookside restaurant and then from McDonald’s.

In June 2017, Chad got his 1st cell phone which was a flip phone. Later in March 2019, his parents bought him and Shari a smartphone, Apple iPhone X. Whereas the other kids received Apple smartwatches. Chad then discovered for the 1st time that he inclines color-coding his applications by separating them into folders.

Chad is also a dancer; his family was unaware until December 2018. Further, in March 2019, he competed in the Nationals as a ballroom dancer and was so good that he had to leave his female partner behind because he advanced.

In January 2019, Chad got 3 temporary henna tattoos while on a family trip to Oahu, Hawaii.

Chad Franke Family Background: 

Father Kevin Franke
Mother Ruby Franke
Brothers Russell,
Sisters Shari, Abby, Julie, Eve

Chad’s father, Kevin, worked as an engineer and was also a professor at a university. Further, after his retirement, Kevin started creating YouTube videos along with his wife, Ruby.

Chad has an elder sister named Shari and four younger siblings – Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve. 

Chad shares his room with his younger brother Russell but always wants his own. In addition, Chad shares a good relationship with his parents; in December 2018, Chad competed against his dad in a push-up battle around 28.

In mid-2019, Chad was sent to the Anasazi Foundation by his parents, and his Instagram was also made disabled. The Anasazi Foundation organizes camp in the mountains of Arizona, where youth participates. The foundation aims to develop basic life skills needed as an adult, which makes that age youth tackle things with more maturity.

Chad Franke Education:

Highest Qualification HIgh school degree
High School Springville

Chad attended Springville and graduated in 2022. For his further education, he will be attending BYU in 2023. 

Chad Franke Physical stats:

Weight In Kg 60kg
Height In Feet 5 feet 7 inches
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel blue

Chad stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 60kg. He has a lean body type. Further, he has silky blonde hair and attractive blue-hazel eyes. 

Chad’s mother once posted a picture of him with a big chunk, and the viewers thought it was photoshopped, but it wasn’t. 

Chad Franke Birth Signs:

Sun Sign Aquarius
Star Sign Aquarius
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality Fixed

According to Chad’s birthdate, he comes under the zodiac Aquarius and is currently 17 years old. His birth flower is Violet and Primrose; Chad’s birth element is Air, and his ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.   

Chad Franke Net Worth:

Net Worth $1 million

Chad’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. He earns through advertisements from his YouTube channels. In addition, he earns through his endorsements. 

Chad Franke Relationship Status: 

Marital Status single

Chad is possibly currently single, though there are rumors that he has been dating Kesley Leroy. But something has yet to be confirmed by him officially. He is frequently seen with Kesley in his YouTube videos. Their posts together always have heart emojis, and Chad refers to Kesley as a sweetheart. 

Chad Franke Career:

On 7th January 2015, the YouTube channel’ 8 Passengers’ was created and currently has over 2.30 million subscribers. The videos are usually posted throughout the week on this channel. 

Chad first appeared in the 3rd video posted on the channel and spoke about his home education. Chad was also seen doing household chores such as cleaning the window panes, watering the plants, washing the dishes, etc. In addition, he was seen practicing his music lessons on violin and piano.

Chad prefers to be home-schooled as it allows him to have lunch with his family. In one of his videos, he told his fans that he had learned about various temples worldwide. 

In April 2016, Chad’s parents enrolled him in a regular school for his overall development. Before attending his 1st day at school, Chad went shopping with his siblings. 

Chad, in his videos, has also shared his first experience getting his braces and said that it was painful at the beginning. He did not like his looks with the braces on; Later, after a few days, he broke 1 of his teeth while removing his braces.

He celebrated his thirteenth birthday with his grandparents and enjoyed a huge birthday bash at a taco parlor. Further, in a subsequent video, he displayed all the gifts received on his birthday.

Further, in one of the vlogs, Chad’s mother shared her thoughts about Chad’s youth. She said that he is calm and composed, unlike his elder sibling. He then posted a video on his 1st shaving experience, which was hilarious.

Chad even shared his thoughts about receiving his 1st salary from YouTube in one of his videos. He brought a lizard with his first salary and named it Gecko since he is an animal lover, but unfortunately, after a few days, Gecko escaped from his home.

The channel then posted a series of videos that showcased the family’s holidays they spent in Disneyland. This holiday was a surprise by the parents to the kids, and before this video, they had posted a vlog where they were packing for their holiday.

Chad has taken various challenges, including the ‘guessing baby food challenge’ and ‘the make-up challenge’; his challenge videos are mostly viral on the internet. Further, he spoke about his first crush in one video. Chad also explained how badly he wanted to ask her out. On Valentine’s Day, he expressed his feelings for her and later disclosed in a video that the girl agreed. 

Chad has also endorsed brands, including Square Panda, Total Wireless, Organizing Habits, Walgreens, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Walmart Grocery Pickup App, Wet One’s Hand Wipes, Kellogg’s, RetailMeNot, Xfinity, Bollie Brand, Hum By Verizon, Crockpot, Hunter, and Invisalign.

Chad Franke Social Appearance:


Chad, on his Instagram, has around 1190 followers, and on his YouTube channel, he has around 145K subscribers.


Chad Franke is an uprising star in social media, and this star will shine brighter in the coming years. With his passion, charming personality, and good humor, Chad has already touched many fans’ hearts. 

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