Top 10 Time Travel Evidence

Time travel-Many of us don’t know what it means. This article will help people to understand what time travel means. Here are the top 10 time travel evidence that happened before some years.

Time travel means travelling forward and backward in time typically using hypothetical machine called time machine.Let’s see the top 10 Time Travel evidence.

time travel

1.The Football Stadium Incident

During the live football match a boy caught in the camera running at the abnormal speed by crossing the people standing there. It was believed as a evidence of time travel.


2.Hakan Nordqvist

Hakan Nordqvist crawled through a tunnel to meet his 70 old-self, During the incident, he had his phone with him. so he filmed the incident and the two men show off their matching tattoos to the camera.


3.The Factory Workers

This incident happened in 1938.A young working women existing from her workplace holding something that looks like a cell phone. It was filmed in Massachusetts, USA. But no explanation is given about the device she carry in his hand. Still It is an odd thing.

women worker

4.The Charlie Chaplin Film

This incident took place in the year 1928.Take a look at the charlie charlie Chaplin film the circus below you’ll notice an elderly woman is walking down the street talking about what seemingly looks like a mobile phone.

charlie chaplin

5.Andrew Carlssin

Andrew Carlssin hits the headlines in March 2003.because he made a stock investment of $800 to make $350 million. Many people believed that he was receiving some inside information and he was charged for the crime. He states that he was a time traveler from the year 2256.After that he skipped bail, and was never seen again.

Andrew Carlssin

6.Mike Tyson Fight

This incident occurred in the year 1995.During the Mike Tyson Fight show one of the people in the crowd filmed the event by his camera phone. This event was considered as time travel.

time travel1

7.Bizarre photo

Ancient civilization was very advanced for its time. But so advance is to have a modern computer. An ancient Greek has statue has raised some eyebrows and has time travel advocates excited. statue shows a woman opens a tablet or laptop, two holes on the side represent the USB ports.


8.Guy walks Through Door

This incident was caught on CCTV footage at the unknown place In this video a guy walks through the door. If you notice the video date stamp at the top left corner date will flicker between 2016 and 2019.Some have claimed that this video is proof of time travel.



This incident happened in the year 1940’sin British Columbia, Canada. There was a huge crowd of people in which the evidence of the time travel was found. A tallest man wearing the sun glass, cool T-shirt and a camera in his hand shows that the hipster was a time traveler.


10.Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Jenifer Lawrence has been the actress in Hollywood for the past five years. If you’re in the time travel then she was Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat. Later our hypothesis that Tharwat looking to break into American cinema changed her name to Jenifer.


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