Tree of Life Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And All Important Information!

The buzz around whether there is heaven, hell, angels or demons has been here for quite a while, and it seems like it is not going away soon. There have been many books, series, and even documentaries about the realm that talk about victims who have had angelic and demonic experiences, but can they be given the benefit of the doubt?

Several series keep getting produced, from Lucifer to Supernatural world and now adding to the vast list of the demonic and supernatural list is Tree of Life, a series by Micheal Chris. The series tells the story of Virginia, a demon who has been freed but thrown to earth and therefore has to do whatever possible to survive. Will she survive in the new form she has chosen for herself? When do we get to see the series on our screens?

Tree of Life Season 1 Release Date:

The series creator has set it to be released in 2023, but so far, we have no specific date to keep our popcorns all set and ready to binge on the first season. Since Kiahcan, the production company, is yet to provide information on whether filming has started or is in progress, it is tough to predict whether the series may arrive earlier than expected or later. We believe all this will be communicated in due time, not leaving out how many episodes the series will have, the filming location, the run time for each series, and which site it will be available.

Tree of Life Season 1 Cast:

Micheal Chris, both the series writer and producer, has worked on a couple of micro-budget independent projects. With his reputation for writing stories that aim at representing the people of color by eradicating the prejudices others have of them, it comes as no doubt that the series will be sensational.

The show also features notable casts such as Christopher Deon from When Two fall will be cast as Eli Hazelwood, Brittany May playing Lilith, Joshua Quinn as Romano Andrew, Andre Morisette knew from ride Called Wot playing Micheal. Other casts include Jonathan Amour, Dennise Beldin, Latoya Howell, Kylie Ringer, Fernando Soto, and Ron P.

Tree of Life Season 1 Plot:

Micheal is known for writing series about supernatural and fantasy; therefore, the plot of the upcoming series comes as no surprise at all. Virginia has to be careful in a world filled with people out to recapture demons. She is freed from hell and thrown to earth, but this does not necessarily mean she is free to wander around on earth like someone who has just got her freedom back. She has to choose a suitable vessel for camouflage which makes her settle for a church-going young lady. In the midst of her camouflaging to protect her sanity and freedom, she realizes that there is so much she can and will learn about humanity.

Tree of Life Season 1 Trailer:

The series will be released in 2023, a year away. Since it is still not evident the specific date the series will release or when production starts, there is no chance there will be a trailer for the upcoming season. Before the series debuts, you can check out other supernatural fantasies like Lucifer, Grimm and Constantine.

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