Shawn Mendes Shows off Quarantine Life with Girlfriend Camila Cabello!

Recently on 27 October 2020, Shawn Mendes had posted his beautiful quarantine picture along with his girlfriend, Camilo Cabello. Although their new looks are a bit cool candid as according to the body language expert, Traci Brown stated that this picture is a pre-planned shoot as both of them have a kind of expressionless face that looked a bit confused.

Later he concluded this pic to be a coached picture in which both do not seem to be intimate, but they only tightly hold with each other. This detailed pic was sweetly captioned as “Reina” by Shawn Mendes, which means queen in the Spanish language.

By overlooking this picture, his comments section got overflowed by his various followers in which they appreciated the image as one added to be ” YAYAYAYAYA THIS IS SO CUTE.” On the other hand, another wrote to be a normal and natural look of being together!

But we can say that if this picture was pre-planned, it is evident that Shawn’s love for Cabello is so pure and authentic. In a documentary that will air on 23 November 2020 on Netflix, written love songs are dedicated to his love Cabello. The most overwhelming song by Shawn Mendes, “Everything is about you,” is highly inspired by their love life as described by his own in his documentary.

Their mutual feelings are highlighted when Camila Cabello posted a video to promote Shawn Mendes’ new song WONDER on his Instagram account, along with a gushy caption.

Their current cuddling pic is clicked on the kitchen side, and it is catching fire all over social media. This pic is taken during their tour along with his manager Cez Darke in West Hollywood, Calif, for their upcoming album WONDER.

Have a look if you are still deprived of this beautiful pic, as shared by Shawn Mendes on his Instagram account! 

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reina ?

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According to the 22-year-old fabulous singer of this generation, he appreciated his everyday quarantine life and his love, Camilo, as compared to the traveling one he is ongoing in his life at the age of 15 years.

Along with his talk of The Tonight show with the 46-year-old host Jimmy Fallon, he shared some of his moments. He stated that firstly was afraid that he might not get his focus on music with Cabello, but as his new album, Wonder will be released in the coming days, gave much confidence to him that reveals her passion for the music. He confessed that he would not give up on music at any cost, and at last, he quite appreciated his life with Camilo Cabello in quarantine.

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